Make Your Own Fireworks This Fourth of July

More than 14,000 fireworks displays will take place across the U.S. this year, but the most special one of all is between you and your date. You don’t need fancy pyrotechnics to create the summer date of your dreams – just the right venue, the right person and a little bit of summertime magic from Kelleher International’s matchmaking services.

Historical Museum

It’s okay to get a little geeky in the name of being patriotic. Take your date to a historical museum where you can see what life was like back in the 1700s. It’s fun to see how your date does with educational experiences, so anticipate learning new things about your date, too. This date is guaranteed to give you plenty to talk about over dinner and a fireworks show that night!

Attend Local Festivities

We get it: parades are crowded, but there’s still just something about them we can’t get enough of. Head to the local festivities with an open mind and indulge in good old fashioned BBQ, ice cold popsicles or even some funnel cake! Cheer on the local marching band, celebrate the Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, and take the time to really connect with your community (and your date). Some towns may even have Civil War reenactments on Independence Day. Book tickets and “wow” your date by bringing history to life this summer!

Get Away From It All

Get away this Fourth of July weekend and enjoy a secluded weekend with your date at a northern lakeside cabin. Leave your phones at home and have a completely unplugged vacation getting to know each other. Bring your own fireworks to set off safely (be sure to check local fire restrictions) or use sparklers to make the moment special. Bonus: you get to eat all the campfire hot dogs you want!

Grill Outdoors – Together

The Fourth of July calls for good eats, and nothing hits the spot better than savory burgers, juicy hot dogs and shish kebabs fresh off the grill. Many couples create foil packets of pre-portioned meats and veggies that are easy to open for a low maintenance cookout-style meal. Be sure to find jobs for both yourself and your date so you can work together to create a delicious meal. It truly is the perfect pairing.

Romantic Fireworks Show

It seems like a cliché, but there’s something about fireworks that brings people together. Pick a fireworks show out on the water where you can watch from the beach or a yacht. Pack a picnic with a soft blanket for the ground, two glasses of champagne and a single long stem rose (yes, this works for both men and women). Voila! It’s the perfect scene for a romantic evening together – fireworks included.

Independence Day is fast approaching and the time to make plans and buy tickets is now. Create a memorable Fourth of July with experiences you can both enjoy – or combine several ideas from our list for a night worth mixing and matching! It’s never been this easy to enjoy a meaningful date with the one you love. Ready to up your dating game year-round? Visit our Facebook page for more date ideas and relationship advice!