More Than A Match, Relationship Coaching

Matching From The Inside Out

“For over 15 years I have partnered and guided clients whose intention is to meet their match. I believe everything is a relationship and the most important relationship we have is with ourselves first and foremost. We must always start from the inside out. Our unique More Than A Match Relationship Coaching is a proprietary methodology that has been designed and tested to increase your opportunity for success within the matchmaking space. Our clients have excelled professionally and now also want to excel in their personal lives. We know that outer material success is important, exhilarating, and purposeful, however we also understand that it is only part of the definition of success. Through this personalized approach, our intention is to support and guide you in creating the love you desire.”

Sunya Andrews, Chief Relationship Officer

Our Coaching Mission

Our mission in coaching is focused on creating love connections and connecting people to others that inspire them and allow them to become the best versions of themselves. For over three decades we matched, listened, advised, coached, strategized, and learned from our clients. We have taken all the wisdom that we’ve gained and distilled it into an approach that offers our clients the specific tools and strategies to create the results they desire in their love life.

More Than A Match Coaching is ideal if you are:

  • Ready for a brand new approach to creating the love life you desire
  • Committed to maximizing their success within your matchmaking journey
  • Looking for guidance and support in beginning a new chapter in life