Mixing It Up: Creative First Date Ideas

When you’re serious about finding the one, creative first date ideas will set you apart from the rest.

At Kelleher International, we coach and match thousands of singles who want help in mixing things up and putting themselves in situations to meet the right person. 

“If you’re bored of the typical first date happy hour or casual dinner routine, chances are, so is the person sitting across from you,” explains Kelleher International CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews. “The worst thing you can do is get into a comfortable first date routine. You run the risk of going through the motions and not truly showing up on any of those first dates experiences.”

Do you need some creative first date ideas to help you break your normal dating cycle?

We asked Kristine Givas, Kelleher matchmaking national director and head of network development, to share some of her favorite first date tips and activities to create a memorable experience.

“I encourage singles all the time to get out of their comfort zone, says Kristine. “If you’re willing to stretch a little, you have a better chance of exposure to new, like-minded people – single or otherwise. So think about choosing social activities rather than posting up at a bar or restaurant.”

Kristine shares an example of how an activity can amplify a first date or social experience.

“Kelleher recently collaborated with Wing & Barrel Ranch in Sonoma, CA. As Wing & Barrel builds their clubhouse and membership base, there was a unique opportunity to invite our KI members and friends to share the experience before the property goes private in August 2020.

I love that the Wing & Barrel private club combines food, wine, sport, and socializing against the backdrop of nature. We cultivated a wonderful mix of cool people, most of which had never met. And they were new to the shooting experience. We learned a new skill, communed in the outdoors, drank incredible wine, and enjoyed an intimate culinary experience.”

Creative first date ideas with a built-in experience allow you to be in the moment and let things unfold. When the activity is something new to both of you, it provides an opportunity for a deeper connection. The shared experience makes this type of first date unforgettable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Another important reminder is that good people know good people. So mix a bunch of quality folks and see what happens!

If you’re in the early stages of courtship or you like someone and want an excuse to be near them and explore your connection, host a get-together. It takes the pressure off of the situation if you’re around people who have your best interest at heart. So invite a few of your favorite people over for a seasonal potluck or sports-viewing party. Include your love interest in the invite and encourage them to bring a few friends as well.

“When putting together your own ‘mixer’ don’t leave out your coupled friends, Kristine adds. “Couples can be great matchmakers and balance any of the ‘singles’ stigma. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to mix it up!”

Stay Curious

Kristine suggests, “Expand your dating opportunities while doing something fun and interesting. No matter your age, be willing to learn something new. You’ll meet inspiring people along the way, and your journey to ‘the one’ will be a heck of a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.”

Have Fun

Creative date ideas that embrace your curious nature and playful self are never a bad idea. If your date isn’t into the activity at all, perhaps they aren’t your person. And as matchmakers, we think it’s great to know that sooner rather than later.

“Unique dates can be a great way to learn more about another person quickly,” Kristine explains. “For example, the Exploratorium in San Francisco hosts an “After Dark” Thursday night series where adults can sip cocktails and indulge their inner Bill Nye the Science Guy. Or attend an upcoming open house at Wing & Barrel and channel your inner Annie Oakley.”

You don’t have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to find creative first date ideas. Explore similar activities where you live. And share your favorite unique date ideas with the KI community in the comments section below.

And check out the pictures from our recent outing at Wing & Barrel Ranch to get you inspired to step up your dating experiences.

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