Benefits of Creative Date Ideas

At Kelleher International, we believe in the power of creative date ideas. So this week we’re exploring set and setting to help you make the most of your first date experience.

Creative date ideas are a refreshing departure from the usual dinner and drinks.

Out of the ordinary dates can be very insightful and peel back the layers of your potential match the way a simple conversation over dinner cannot. By engaging in an activity rather than sitting across from one another, you have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into your date’s personality.

What’s their sense of humor? How do they operate under pressure? Do they have excellent teamwork skills? Is spontaneity natural or challenging?

We can all agree that communication skills will make or break a relationship. So why not find out straight out of the gate how your date handles the world.

Do they have special skills or clever “stupid” human tricks? Are they keen problem solvers? Would you want them with you in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Besides learning more about your date, there are added benefits to creative date ideas.

As we get healthier as a culture, more people are choosing to drink less. And, spring is around the corner which means swimsuit bodies are top of mind. So many people are currently on a cleanse or challenging themselves to a “dry” month, free of alcohol.

For singles actively dating, that can be a challenge since meeting for drinks is the most popular date idea. So many singles are tired of meeting up for drinks. But it’s arguably the oldest and most trusted way to get to know someone new.

So what are some of these creative date ideas sure to change your first date experience?

Go for an urban hike. Let the date unfold based on what you’re learning about each other along the way. Pop into local stores that seem interesting. Grab a coffee and play “I Spy” or tell each other jokes or share a funny personal story. Shop a street festival and pick things out for each other.

Explore a museum. Decide together which type of museum you’ll visit – art, history, science, ice cream. Let yourself have fun exploring, learning, and comparing perspectives and cultures.

Visit an escape room. You don’t really know someone until you’ve seen how they deal with adversity and stressful situations. Escape rooms have become popular social activities in major cities around the country. We think they pose an excellent way to find out if you and your date work well as a team.

Melding problem-solving skills and collaboration styles is a unique chemistry. The escape room excursion can test the strength of an established relationship. On a first date, we think you’ll be pretty clear of your compatibility by the end of this life-size, interactive game. Hopefully, it’s a date you won’t want to escape!

Trivia night at your local pub is a great creative date for you sapiosexuals. You’re sure to learn random things about your date – the genre of books they read, if they’re a trivia buff or terrible with names, if they know pop culture or don’t own a television. It’ll all come out during trivia night.

If you’ve got a soft spot for nature’s beauty, consider a stroll through the botanical gardens. Take in the beautiful spring blooms and have a picnic. Share in some sunbathed yoga or meditation. Or lay back and scope out the clouds and share what fun things you see taking shape.

Explore a cool neighborhood. Visit the record store, grab a cup of coffee or a juice, have a chat on a park bench, explore art installations. If you’re having a good time, find a spot for a bite to eat and discuss the vibe of the neighborhood. Notice the subtlety in how you both see what’s right in front of you.

Do something competitive. A little competition can add fun flirtation on a first date. As matchmakers, we think it’s important to see how your potential partner handles competition. Are they encouraging, playful, or hard-core competitive? Everyone prefers something different so consider bowling, miniature golf, or the arcade as a way to both be active and playful without a lot of pressure.

Recently a new Kelleher match reported back that their first date began at Escape the Room, where they were handcuffed together at the very beginning. The woman explained how much she and her date laughed during the experience and how great it was to see his logic skills at work and to know so quickly he could be both silly and intelligent at the same time. The date continued with bowling and then dinner.

In its entirety, this first date lasted 12-hours and was labeled “epic” by both parties involved. There is a second date in their future.
Creative Date Ideas Are a Refreshing Departure from Meeting for Drinks

“This is the sort of date I love to hear about,” explains Kelleher International CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews. “The various forms of interaction they had during this one creative first date experience provided valuable insight into each others’ personality.

Another thing I’ll point out is that at each stage they could’ve naturally called it an evening. Continuing to choose other activities to prolong the experience gave each other the buying signal that they were interested in each other. It made him that much more confident to ask her on a second date. I’m a fan of this active dating style!”

What’s the most enjoyable and or worthwhile first date you’ve experienced? Share your creative date ideas or questions for the Kelleher matchmakers in the comments section below.