Summer Love

For most of us, the mention of “summer love” conjures up images of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the most popular musical of all-time, “Grease.” But summer romance doesn’t have to be a thing of fiction or the past. The Kelleher International matchmakers share some secrets to creating your very own movie-worthy summer love no matter where you are in life.

Ladies, we want you to feel confident approaching a man you find attractive instead of following the old dating playbook that says you should play coy games and let him make all the moves. Culture has evolved, and so have the rules on dating. Pick-up lines rarely work on women anymore and playing games with men rarely result in the deep, meaningful connections women crave. It’s time you’re in the driver’s seat and not waiting to get picked up.

Here are some things you should know to set yourself up for summer dating success.

  • Approach every person you meet like they’re a quality person, available, open, and interesting. You’ll find out soon enough if they aren’t, but by approaching with confident engagement, you’ll make a lasting impression on the ones who are.
  • Be open and playful. Initiate banter and small talk and don’t be afraid to have “big” conversations – just don’t be a Debbie Downer with anything too heavy. The person may not remember what you talked about later, but they’ll certainly remember how they felt around you. Keep the energy up and flowing!
  • Avoid asking interview-style questions like this, “What do you do? Where do you live? Are you single?” It sets a bad tone for a guy. If he has any relationship baggage, you might quickly get categorized as one of the girls that are looking for a meal ticket – even if you are independent and self-sufficient!
  • You can find out everything you want to know about your potential love connection by being a good conversationalist. Practice your skills by having impromptu conversations throughout your day – with strangers waiting on public transportation, the teller at the bank, your pharmacist, the guy in line behind you at the grocery store. Feel confident striking up conversations and engaging your audience of one in meaningful dialogue.
  • If the brief exchange is over and you feel some chemistry with him don’t be afraid to share your digits, but be cool about it. “It was great meeting you. I have <fill in the blank> happening next week. You should join me. I think we’d have fun.” And proceed to hand him your business card and stroll away like the busy and fabulous woman you are.
  • Stay busy and active. Summer is packed full of concerts, festivals, weddings, weekend getaways, backyard BBQ’s and pool parties with friends and family. Keeping a healthy social calendar is both a game of numbers and perception. From a numbers perspective, the more you’re out there, the more possibilities you have to meet a great match. And by staying so active, you’re perceived as outgoing and engaged. The bonus is you always have great date-activity options to invite the potential match to that you want to explore further.
  • Keep summer casual! We hope you have a hot summer romance, but don’t get in over your head if you want this to last beyond those summer nights.

“Busy summer travel schedules can seem inconvenient when you’re dating someone new,” says Kelleher Matchmaking CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews, “but they’re a great way to ease into a new relationship. Pacing out the steamy beginning makes it last longer. Enjoy letting things unfold slowly and have an unforgettable summer.”

When it comes to dating, if taking the bull by the horns feels intimidating to you, perhaps you’re a great candidate for modern matchmaking. Call or email to learn more about Kelleher International, our suite of matchmaking and coaching services, and how our team of matchmakers and scouts work with you.