4 Signs Your “Summer Fling” Might be Something More

There are a lot of reasons people fall in love during the summer. Sun-kissed skin, poolside margaritas and warm vacation weather make it easy to relax, which also means you are more open to love. The endless date possibilities certainly don’t hurt, either: the pool, the beach, a picnic at the park… anything outside is fair game come summertime. Somehow, it’s just easier to fall for someone in the summer.

As a disclaimer, we do not recommend flings of any sort. They’re short-lived replacements for the real deal, which is what our clients work so hard to achieve. While some experts tout summer flings as “stress free,” there is a lot more to consider when entering into this type of relationship. You might become attached to your date, which could lead to a long-term relationship you did not anticipate. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. In fact, it’s what many people subconsciously wanted from the start. Here are four ways to recognize that moment when your fun summer fling has become something more.

You Have Serious Chemistry

That intense chemistry you feel with your date now could actually last a lifetime – if you let it! Denise Chen of Houston’s Rice University led a research study to determine how women respond to the scent of men’s shirts. The control group had just regular shirts men had worn, while the test group received shirts men wore while aroused. It turns out, women were actually able to identify which shirts were worn by men who experienced arousal – meaning your date can likely tell that you’re attracted to them, which makes things that much better in your relationship. Pheromones are stronger than you think! Don’t let that kind of chemistry go easily.

You Talk

Okay, everyone technically talks. We’re referring to those intimate moonlight conversations where you share hopes and dreams. A long-term relationship involves heavy communication so you truly feel connected to the other person. If this is going to turn into something real, you’ll want to know you can turn to your partner for advice and comfort when things get tough. Talking is the first step toward the kind of partnership long-term couples share. If you’re already at this point, chances are your relationship won’t cool down just because the weather does. We recommend keeping your date around a little longer to test the waters.

You’re (Accidentally) Exclusive

So many people think it’s fun to have a casual relationship because it allows them to see other people – but then they get so attached to the person they’re seeing that they conveniently “forget” to go on other dates. This is not a mistake – it’s love! If you see each other every weekend and talk constantly between dates it’s probably time to have a conversation about making things official. After all, the only person you really want to see is already right there in front of you.

Friends & Family Approve

Introducing someone to the people with whom you are closest indicates something more serious than just a fling. If you’re dying to introduce your pals to your new date, it’s probably a sign you’re ready for a long-term relationship. You know – the kind where you chat about your futures together and pick out china for your shared home. Your inner circle knows you better than anyone else, so if your friends and family like your date, you should probably give them a second look.

Summer flings are not for everyone. In fact, many people use casual relationships as an excuse to segue into something more serious later on. They think this is a “safe” dating strategy because they never have to put themselves on the line before discovering whether their date will accept them as-is. We have good news for you: our matchmakers are hard at work to find someone who already loves you for exactly who you are! It’s time to be honest with yourself – and with your dates: are you really happy with short-term flings that vanish with the seasons or is it time to embrace a more rewarding relationship where you can truly be yourself?

Let us find the date of your dreams today. With our matchmaking services by your side, you really can have it all.