Single’s Guide to Dating in the City

Dating in the city seems easy. There are more proverbial fish in the sea, so it makes sense to assume dating prospects would also increase. Many city-dwellers are taken by surprise to find this is not always the case. City living has created a culture of people who value their personal space and private time, whether that happens at the office or on public transportation. Approaching a stranger in public is not always welcomed, which makes finding quality dates extremely difficult. Singles in the city take a lot of risks without enlisting the help of a reputable dating agency like Kelleher International. Our matchmakers have had success in large cities like London, Los Angeles and even NYC. Here are our best tips for keeping your cool while seeking a date in the city:

Go Out Alone

Even though our matchmakers handle all the date arrangements for you, it helps to know your way around the city and have a few favorite spots to show your date later on. Go out by yourself and discover some new places around the city that might be fun for future dates. It’s always nice to introduce your date to a hole-in-the-wall that serves the city’s best brunch or even bring your date along to try your favorite hobby.

Avoid Alcohol

A drink or two is fine over a romantic candlelit dinner, but make sure you stay “with it” long enough to make an accurate judgement about your date. Too much alcohol can give you the impression that you like your date more than you really do, which could lead to a second date with someone that’s simply not right for you. Your date could also see excessive alcohol consumption as a red flag and rule you out based on that factor alone.

Don’t Rule Anyone Out

It’s a big city and our matchmakers are out there working for you. While you might have crossed other industry execs off your list, our matchmakers are going to take an unbiased second look at that list to see if anyone might be compatible with you. Just because someone is off your radar doesn’t mean they are any less of a perfect match for you!

Follow Your Passions

Don’t fall into a slump while waiting for your perfect match to come along. Get out with friends, travel, and find new hobbies that excite you. This does more than just boost your own morale – it gives you exciting things to share on your date. Who knows: you might even discover you really enjoy something that your date enjoys, too.

The city is full of possibilities when it comes to dating, and we encourage all of our clients to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while pursuing a relationship. The more you do while on your own, the more you will have to discuss on a first date. With these tips, dating in the city can be stress-free and successful. Contact our matchmaking team today for dates you can rely on.