Early Dating Do’s and Don’ts

At Kelleher International when a new client joins our elite network of singles, we begin by casting a wide net. It’s essential to get you out there exploring the dating landscape not only to discover your dating style and match preferences, but also find your dating rhythm. To get new clients started, we share early dating tips to create a framework for relationship success.

“Getting back in the dating world can be overwhelming, says Patty Russell, CEO Club matchmaker at Kelleher International. Before a first date, I always remind my clients to stay present, have fun, and learn something new about themselves through the experience. Since we can’t control chemistry, I think it’s important to relax and go with the flow.”

If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, it might take a few dates before you find your flow. Inevitably, with so many singles using dating services and apps the discussion of dating can make its way into the conversation of the date you’re on at the moment.

We definitely don’t recommend talking about dating or matchmaking while on a date, but should your potential match broach the subject here are some do’s and don’ts to navigate that awkward dating minefield and get you safely through to relationship status.
DO be honest. Let your date know you’re starting to actively date and plan to meet several people to determine the kind of relationship you desire at this moment in your life.
DON’T provide specifics. Your date doesn’t need to know the frequency of your dates or the particulars of your dating life. There’s no need to kiss and tell.
DO look for a transitional topic to move away from the dating talk and focus on learning more about common interests, activities, and overall compatibility.
DON’T treat these first dates like job interviews. Intend on going out and having fun. Show up relaxed and playful ready to go with the flow.
DO spend a few minutes before the date exploring some curious news or exciting ideas that will make for fun conversation. It’s a great way to explore how someone’s mind works and gather insight without asking pointed questions about their religion, political affiliation, and other risky first-date topics.
DON’T feel obligated to get cozy and make-out with your date. Most women don’t feel immediate chemistry with a match. It takes exploration over the course of a few dates for both body and mind to decide if the match has potential. Rushing intimacy only complicates the early stages of dating.
DO date responsibly. It’s perfectly acceptable to see a few people consistently as you determine who’s the best fit for you. When you’re seeking meaningful connection and long-term partnership one of these matches will begin to stand out from the rest.
DON’T continue dating multiple people once you’ve determined someone particular has potential and those feelings are reciprocated. If your goal is to find the one, it’s important to remember that playing the field has an expiration date.

Once you know what you’re looking for and are ready to explore an exclusive relationship, it’s time to put all of your eggs in one basket and give that match the attention it deserves. If things don’t work out, you’ll be a pro at playing the field, and these do’s and don’ts will be your guide to once again narrowing your search with confidence.

“Don’t forget to enjoy the journey,” Patty adds. “Following these dating tips will lead to wonderful experiences on your way to finding the one.”

Do you have some “do’s and don’ts” from your own experience? Share your own dating tips or questions for our matchmakers in the comments section below.