Inside the Kelleher Matchmaking Experience

Explore the matchmaking experience through the perspective of a few Kelleher International clients.

If you’re considering hiring a matchmaker in the New Year, we’re pulling back the curtain on some recent matches. Maybe you’re not sure if a matchmaker makes sense for you. Or you don’t believe the hype around Kelleher International.

“These are excerpts of notes from current Kelleher clients to their matchmakers,” explains Kimberly Colgate, Kelleher International director of matchmaking. “So many great matches this month! Lots of second dates, good feedback, clients in relationships, and even two engagements and some renewals. We have an amazing team of love angels this holiday season.”

KI Clients’ Matchmaking Experience 

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for checking in and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! She and I have only been out twice – I have had kind of a crazy schedule the last few weeks, but I think there’s a good chance we will go for a third… I will keep you posted. Meanwhile have a great holiday weekend! -E

Laurie and Crystal,

On paper this was an excellent match by Laurie and Nancy and filled all of the “squares” very well. She was very sweet, kind, and personable. A “go-getter.” Smart. Very easy to talk to. Easier to talk to as the night went on. We didn’t have to “force” much of anything. She seemed easy going and very genuine. I am going to meet the other ladies I have lined up for this weekend, but it will be hard to top last night in my opinion. I’m trying to keep an open mind about things, though.


It was a great date! We hit it off right from the start. I was super attracted to her right away. Totally my type physically…and we had really good chemistry.

Fun banter back and forth. And it was just easy. Conversation wasn’t forced. Good rhythm. Half way into the date I just had to kiss her. She’s a great kisser. The date continued. We had a couple of drinks and a cheese plate. Neither of us were very hungry so we didn’t order food…just talked. When we were waiting for the valet to bring our cars, we made out some more. 

Molly and Cathy,

Perfect! Our dinner went well. We hung out and watched a band afterwards. We keep in touch a few times a week. Definitely going to see each other again. Thank you.

Hi Molly,

We met in San Francisco today. A little unsure at first, but we had a good talk for several hours over lunch. Learned a lot about her and her background. We got along very well. She was pretty nervous but loosened up as the day went on. She figured out that I am very easy going. Next step is I am going to bring her out here for a day or two as soon as we can work out the timing. The only thing is, she scared the hell out of me with her driving. Lol. I thought she was going to kill us. From now on, I drive.


He seems very kind, authentic, and comfortable, these qualities made for a very warm and relaxed first date. The conversation flowed very easily. I like that he’s tall and fit. And that we both enjoy biking and spin classes. He is very connected to his kids and his broader family which is the same for me. These are important qualities. Very nice hug and soft kiss goodnight. 


I met him at my first Kelleher event at the Wing and Barrel Club in Sonoma. We met online a few years back, but hadn’t met in person. There was definitely an immediate connection. I liked his personality more as I got to know him better.


Good morning! Please put me on hold…and THANK YOU for introducing me to her.


Hi! Letting you know I finally met up with him. And he’s a very nice guy. We are planning to grab lunch tomorrow as well.


Amazing guy! Funny. Kind. Lovely. And charming. He did not understand some things that I said… and he made fun of my accent. But even that he did in a funny and elegant way. I love men with a soul. He has a beautiful soul.


I had a nice time with her. She’s a good, solid, kind person. I’m impressed with how hard she works. I’m attracted to her and making plans to see her again. Thank you.


I was very impressed with her from the moment I saw her. I don’t usually have 4-hour dinner dates! It was effortless She is beautiful and has a drop dead gorgeous smile and I want to go on hold with her.


We went to dinner and met at the restaurant. She is stunning. The date started a little slow but then the conversation started flowing… she is comfortable, positive, independent, likes to travel alone, intelligent, has a great relationship with her parents. And she is grounded.

She is the most beautiful woman you’ve matched me with…Inner beauty and outer gorgeous. We’ve made plans to see each other again and are texting….


This was a great match, and you couldn’t have done better as a matchmaker. 

She is attractive, thoughtful, professional. I wonder whether we are compatible (my gut says no), but I am on the fence as to whether a second date makes sense. In many respects she is just what I am looking for, yet chemistry is a tough thing to account for. 


You have to pinch yourself to realize that you’re standing in front of a woman rather than being consumed by a dream. Her beauty is from within and emanates in all aspects of her essence – spirituality, intellect, and the physical. She genuinely is the definition of radiance.

What Will Your Experience Be?

Nobody has the same matchmaking experience. At Kelleher International, your matchmaking experience is as unique as you are. We encourage you to embrace your own dating journey and don’t compare it to anyone else’s around you.

“In one’s life, how many people have they met who they considered a significant other or a marriage partner?” asks Jill Kelleher, founder of Kelleher International. “For many people, that combined number is less than three or four. It only makes sense that matchmaking doesn’t happen overnight. But the odds are in your favor with the Kelleher team.”

Imagine your own matchmaking experience. And then give us a call to learn more about the Kelleher way. Leave questions for our matchmakers in the comments section below.