Men Like Marty

The 85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is arguably the most famous justice in the history of the United States courts. After watching the new documentary “RBG,” we came to the conclusion that every woman needs her very own Marty Ginsburg.

RBG and Martin Ginsburg were married for 56-years before his passing. The documentary highlights not only the trailblazing career of Justice Ginsburg but also the beautiful love and friendship she and Marty shared from their meeting at Cornell University throughout their lives together.

Many of our Kelleher International clients exemplify RBG’s strength, determination, grit, and grace. Unfortunately, most of these fantastic women fade in and out of the belief that a man exists who will wholly support their drive and celebrate their successes.

If you’re such a woman, watch “RBG.” It’s essential for you to see an example of such a man so you can envision your very own Marty Ginsburg. Do not shrink. Do not hide your spark. You are not too much, and he is out there!

So what exactly are those Marty Ginsburg qualities?

You are his equal.

Marty was neither intimidated nor threatened by Ruth’s intelligence. From the age of 18-years-old when they met, Marty saw her as someone extraordinary and always treated Ruth as his equal. RBG was quoted as saying, “He was the first boy I ever knew who cared that I had a brain.”

He celebrates your wins.

After marriage, Ruth and Marty chose to both pursue law degrees from Harvard. RBG made the Law Review; Marty did not. Yet he consistently shared how proud he was of his wife’s successes even when they outdid his own.

He considers you a team.

Marty and Ruth were partners and maintained the same goals and pursued them as a team, while also sustaining endearment and love for one another. The quiet, reserved Ruth enjoyed her gregarious, life-of-the-party husband. Their opposite demeanors worked in harmony and served them well both personally and professionally.

Gender roles are irrelevant.

Just because Marty was Ruth’s biggest cheerleader doesn’t mean he was a stay-at-home dad. Marty was a very successful tax attorney. And he happened to be better in the kitchen than his wife. One of his greatest joys was to cook for RBG, and he took responsibility for making sure Justice Ginsburg got enough sleep. Marty took on greater domestic and childcare duties than was the norm of the times.

He’s willing to negotiate to maintain balance.

Just as they balanced the domestic and child-rearing responsibilities, they negotiated to maintain balance in their relationship and family. The two agreed to be home for family dinner every night barring extreme circumstances. Ruth and Marty supported each other’s careers and made sacrifices for the other when needed throughout their almost sixty years of marriage.

We all hope to find the love that perfectly suits us. Now that you high-achieving women know there are men with these “relationship superpowers” visualize your own Marty Ginsburg and refine your relationship bucket list to include any of those qualities that you secretly want in a mate but were sure you’d never find.

Strong, opinionated women nursing broken hearts have heard on repeat for ages, “Men are intimidated by you. They can’t handle your strong personality.” Thanks to the example RBG and Marty Ginsburg set, there’s evidence that not all men are intimidated by smart, powerful, successful women. To some men, powerful, brilliant women like you are everything they dream to find.

There are men like Marty out in the world, and at Kelleher Matchmaking, we’re excited to find the one just right for you. We have an elite network of movers and shakers like you. Give us a call to learn more about the modern matchmaking process.