10 Things Irresistible Men Do Differently

Attraction is the biggest stepping stone in any relationship. The biggest house, newest car and most successful career are all great, but hold little bearing when it comes to whether your date will actually find you attractive. There are a few traits we’ve noticed all women seem to love in a man – and these traits are surprisingly difficult to cultivate. The few men who do possess these qualities find their dating pools are much larger, which ultimately leads to more control over their own dating lives and an easier time finding the woman they have dreamed of. Want to become irresistible? Here are our recommendations:

He Contributes

Relationships are founded on the idea that each person brings something to the relationship. Men often assume their role is financial (i.e. paying for dates and becoming the “breadwinner”), but the good news is that most women actually care more about what you can do for them emotionally. Whether you are the life of the party, give great advice, or greet them with a big smile at the end of a long day, your partner sees value in your personality. Be aware of your best traits so you can show off when the moment calls for it.

He’s Respectful

When two people respect one another, the relationship is balanced and harmonious. This eliminates any kind of power struggle that might otherwise develop in a relationship between two powerful people. When you respect each other and act like a team, you become co-CEOs of your own relationship. You can steer it any direction you want as long as you respect the partnership.

He’s Polite

Manners are in! Our matchmakers love guys who describe themselves as “old school” because it usually means they know how to hold a door open for a lady. The tricky part is treating everyone with that same level of respect. Truly irresistible men are kind to wait staff, valets and everyone else they come into contact with. Your date will look to your treatment of others to see how you might treat her in the future. Refined social behavior exudes class and confidence.

He’s Authentic

Kelleher clients know better than anyone: it pays to be yourself. Irresistible men never have to talk themselves up or show off flashy trinkets to build their self-esteem; they’re simply themselves at all times and that alone is enough to attract quality dates. Men who stay true to themselves are happier, feel more satisfied in their relationships, and generally come off as more confident.

He’s Honest

Honesty in business helps develop trust between yourself and a client. That trust often leads to bigger contracts, more money, and a healthier business overall. Your relationships are no different. Honesty helps establish realistic expectations so you and your partner can communicate better on a regular basis. Irresistible men are honest with their partners because they know that trust will come back to them tenfold.

He Shows Gratitude

Appreciate the effort your date put into the evening. Everything from her dress selection to getting to your date on time probably took a substantial amount of effort. After all, our female clients are all very successful. Many run their own businesses or hold high-level positions that require a deal of time and attention. Acknowledge your date’s effort and let her know how much you appreciate her making the time to meet.  Empathizing with your date helps establish trust and build an emotional connection you can build from later.

He Pays Attention

Irresistible men know how important it is to live in the moment and be present at all times. Don’t bring the office to a date or it will distract you from making critical decisions about your love life. Phones, tablets, FitBits and other flashing objects should be safely stowed in your briefcase or locked in the car for the evening. You’ve committed to spend time with your date, so commit fully with the same enthusiasm you would bring to any other aspect of your life.

He Cares About His Appearance

Your image says a lot about the way you see yourself. Irresistible men know they’re attractive! They know that their million-dollar personality deserves a well-tailored suit and a professionally-styled haircut to match. You don’t have to look like Don Draper every day of the week, but it helps to know your audience and dress to exceed their expectations. Truly irresistible men know that their image isn’t just about an outfit. They turn things up a notch with a bright smile.

He Has a Sense of Humor

Humor is about more than taking your date to comedy clubs or pointing out a funny thing that happened that afternoon. It’s about making your date feel good! Irresistible men use their powers of humor to dispel awkward silences, compliment their dates, and even to make deeply personal connections. We recommend laughing at your date’s jokes, too. This shows her you’re on the same page, and will likely improve the chances of getting a second date.

He Has Charisma

Charisma is that invisible, magnetic pull that makes you want to be close to someone – even if there is no logical reason to do so. Irresistible men know that a combination of honesty, kindness, humor, and confidence result in charisma. These are traits everyone wants to have, so when they find someone with those characteristics, it’s easy to feel attracted to them. After all, they are everything you want to be.

Irresistible men aren’t just desirable when it comes to dating – they have valuable skills that apply to the office and their social lives as well. Looking for other singles who share the same confidence? Talk to one of our matchmakers today to discover better dates.