8 Things the Girl Who Gets the Guy Does Differently

It feels like some women just have all the luck. There’s always going to be that flirty blonde who seems to know exactly what to do and say to capture a man’s attention. The truth is you don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to attract a man. There are, however, a few things the girl who gets the guy does differently to make herself so attractive. Professional matchmakers have all the details you need to turn your love life around and make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex. Take a peek into the secrets of the girl who always gets the guy – and steal her tips for yourself!

She believes in love. It seems almost too simple, but maintaining a positive attitude and really seeking someone who offers true love is a healthy way to approach dating. A jaded, cynical personality is not attractive. Overcome whatever barriers hold you back and open yourself up to a future that includes happiness. The right person is out there – it just takes a little work to pursue them.

She cares. Caring can manifest in several ways: it can be as complex as volunteering for various organizations or as simple as asking about a date’s day and showing genuine interest in the response. Regardless of how she shows it, an attractive woman cares about other people and really wants to improve their lives with her presence. She’s a team player and knows where her strengths are needed most.

She’s good at reading people. If a man is going to waste her time, she’s the first to know – and won’t waste any emotions on him. This is a skill some are certainly better at than others, but there are a few things you can look for to determine a man’s motives. Pay attention to the questions he asks when you’re around: are they indicative of someone seeking a one-night stand or is your date really trying to get to know you? Are his compliments focused on your looks or your accomplishments? Chances are, you’re better at this than you thought.

She knows the Law of Attraction. Interesting people are interesting to be with, so it follows that an attractive woman pursues hobbies and activities she enjoys. Happiness that results from pursuing the things you love will shine through on dates. The object of your affection will see how passionate you are about life and he will want to share that enthusiasm, too.

She is uncompromising. …on the major topics, at least. If your man wants to watch ESPN or try that new burger joint downtown, it’s fine to give in. Other subjects – religion, politics, lifestyle choices, and whether or not you want to have kids – really should not be so flexible. Pick the right partner the first time and you won’t have to argue about major topics in the future. A professional dating service with international matchmaking services like Kelleher International can help locate someone with the same values to help increase the chances of building a lasting relationship.

She’s not afraid to be alone. One of the biggest secrets attractive women have is that they don’t need a man – they simply want one to help fulfill a vision of happiness. Women who snag the men of their dreams don’t do so by sitting around; they pursue careers, build relationships with family members, and develop their interests. A woman with “the whole package,” per se, has increased her self-worth.

She loves her body. Confidence is key! In most cases, a man has agreed to date you because he already likes the way you look and act. Putting yourself down not only diminishes your confidence, but also undermines your date’s opinions. He clearly likes you, so what does it say if you don’t? Attractive women love their bodies and accept themselves for who they are.

She lives in the present. The girl who gets the guy doesn’t try to make him jealous by talking about previous relationships. She lives fully and completely in the present and is ready to build a brighter future based on her actions today. What happened in the past can stay right where it is – today is a new beginning and it deserves your full attention!

Men are attracted to inner beauty, confidence, and optimism – traits which (not coincidentally) benefit your professional and personal lives, too. The girl who always gets the guy receives so much more than a lasting romantic relationship; all the positivity and love she puts into the world comes right back to her tenfold. Developing a positive attitude is a foolproof way to build a strong romantic foundation and improve your own life in the process. Start now by contacting the world’s most trusted international elite matchmakers and pursue your love life with the world on your side.