Lessons in Forgiveness From a Celebrity Matchmaker

As a celebrity matchmaker, Kelleher International CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, sees lessons in forgiveness playing out in the real lives of the celebrities and athletes our culture holds dear. She recently spoke of the beauty of forgiveness and the possibility of a Brad and Jen reunion with Sydney, Australia’s The Morning Show

Kelleher International CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews

“I don’t think anybody could possibly know what’s going on in Jennifer Aniston’s mind right now,” Kelleher-Andrews said. “While we may want to see the romance back or for them to stroll down the red carpet for the Academy Awards, I think it’s fair to say that there’s a lot more going on than the automatic ‘let’s take him back.’”

At the crossroads of a broken relationship, it isn’t the desire or chemistry that will fix what’s broken. It is the mutual love and forgiveness that will reopen the doors to heart connection.

If you find yourself in similar romantic circumstances, lead with cautious curiosity and kindness. And be open to seeing the truth of the situation. Allow the space to witness both of your personal growth and transformation. 

And if you discover you can’t let go of the past, then don’t reconsider a reunion. It won’t work.

“We live in a culture where celebrities live under public scrutiny of their past, present, and potential behavior. The absence of privacy is perhaps the highest price they pay for fame,” explained Kelleher-Andrews. “But the truth is, each of us is constantly in a state of change. And many experience great personal growth from their mistakes.”

We all have the opportunity to practice forgiveness and use personal failures to become better versions of ourselves. And it’s okay to find inspiration from the celebrities we love. 

Whether it’s becoming good friends after a divorce and taking things slow like Brad and Jen, or opening your heart to a man with a history of breaking hearts, like JLo with A-Rod. Or perhaps you’re making a difficult decision between love and your family’s tradition, like Prince Harry and Megan. There are lessons in forgiveness and love all around us.

“When you have the opportunity to forgive, you can forget, and you can open yourself up to new opportunities and rebuild any relationship, explained Kelleher-Andrews. “And when they [Brad and Jen] locked eyes backstage at the SAG Awards, the true appreciation that they hold for one another showed that forgiveness has happened. And that opens the door of possibilities, and is what makes this so refreshing and exciting.”

At Kelleher International, we wish for you a refreshing twist to your romance. And if you’re looking for love, perhaps Kelleher International is a great place to start. Give us a call to learn more about our executive matchmaking services.