KI Matchmaker Spotlight

When it comes to finding love we are all at the center of our own universe. And when we’re hyper-focused on our individual needs and desires, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Matchmakers can be just the person we need to help us get out of our own way on our path to finding the one.

Being a good matchmaker requires a unique blend of listening, intuition, empathy, humor, and grit. At Kelleher International, we seek team members who embody those qualities as well as a spirit of collaboration and family. Nancy Shea is one of the newest Kelleher matchmakers who embodies those qualities.

Nancy’s depth of experience in the hospitality and customer service industries has honed her communication, listening, and “reading between the words” skills – all necessary for matchmaker success. As one of the newer KI matchmakers, we checked in with Nancy on her fresh-eyes perspective and any insight she can share with our Kelleher clients.

Q: What mistake do you see clients making over and over again during the matchmaking process?

A: I’ve seen a lot of clients limiting themselves with superficial or unrealistic dating parameters. The magic happens when I can get them to set aside what they think they must have. Letting go of the list frees you up to experience the wonder and mystery of dating and finding your perfect person.

Q: What advice do you give them as a response?

A: It’s not about the punch list, but about chemistry. Until you meet someone in real life, you can’t possibly know if there is chemistry so set aside your preconceived notions. If it doesn’t work out, it was merely dinner, and you had to eat anyway! But, what if sparks fly?

Q: Have you developed a motto for matchmaking?

A: Have Fun! This is your life’s journey. Be present and take something positive away from each introduction.

Q: What is your favorite thing about matchmaking?

A: It’s so rewarding to develop a trusting relationship with my clients where they feel safe telling me anything. We’re both invested in their future and finding love for them becomes that much sweeter.

Q: Where did you hone your matchmaking skills?

A: I’ve got my girlfriends to thank for that! I’m a skilled listener having spent countless hours listening and advising friends on dating and relationship issues most of my life. My personal life experience has also served as an excellent teacher. As well as curiosity; I love to ask questions especially when it comes to feelings and the human connection. And I’m genuinely interested in the response.

Q: When you’re not at the KI office making love happen what fills your time?

A: Family is a big deal to me. I recently celebrated the wedding of my son to his lovely bride and the birth of my daughter’s first baby. I’m officially Nana to a darling baby girl and am enjoying this new chapter of my life. When I’m with my gal pals, wine tasting, yoga, and hiking are some of the ways we appreciate our quality time together.

Do you have any questions for Nancy or any of the other members of our Kelleher International matchmaking team? Ask in the comments section below, and we’ll provide an A  to your Q. Wishing you luck in love.