It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Knock His Socks Off with these Helpful Tips.

If you’re not into sports, especially football, here are some helpful tips to show your boyfriend that you care. Remember that time he took you to the ballet? Okay, he might have fallen asleep but he tried didn’t he? It might not be enough to bring him a beer at half-time and mention how much hotter you think he is than The Weeknd. 

Let’s start with getting to know some football lingo so that you can sound like you know what you’re talking about. It will also help to learn some rules of the game so that you can cheer and holler at the right times … for the right team. 

Ok. here we go. Pay attention. 

1.Those outfits they wear are called uniforms not costumes! It doesn’t matter which one you think looks the coolest or the fanciest, just learn which color he likes best and vote, I mean cheer, for that team. You don’t have to do cartwheels or anything, just sound enthusiastic like you just won two tickets to see Maroon 5. 

2. The main idea of the game is to get the ball from one end of the field to the other without getting murdered.

One guy throws the ball under his legs backwards to the guy behind him. That guy is called the quarterback, who will then try to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible by throwing it to the farthest person away from him with the hopes that he won’t get killed either. If his playmate, I mean teammate, runs fast enough and gets closer to the end zone (that’s where they score points at either end of the field!), they might score. 

3. Even if the guy on your team gets tackled you can still cheer if he makes it more than 5 feet. If he makes a touchdown by making it into the end zone, that’s 6 pts. That deserves a new round of beers. Also, feel free to dance along with the guy when he throws the ball down in celebration. It will impress your man. Don’t dance with the wrong player!

4. By the way, one of the quarterbacks is named Tom Brady. It’s very important to learn if you love him or hate him.

5. If the wrong color gets the ball and starts running in the opposite direction and makes a touchdown, just make a frowny face and pat your lover on the thigh or the back. Let him think you are just as sad as he is and get him another beer. 

6. The guy that looks like a zebra is called a mascot, I mean referee. If he blows his whistle or throws a rag on the ground that means someone did something bad and might get a timeout, I mean penalty.

7. It’s a long game so it might help to spend some extra time in the kitchen or pretend to get an important phone call. Better yet, offer to make a beer run and take the long scenic route home. If you do the latter, act extra worried when you get home. “What did I miss? Are we winning?” 

8. Most importantly if you stay connected and make all the right comments he will be impressed that you know so much about the game. He might even tell his friends how lucky he is to have such a cool girlfriend who might even be a sportscaster some day.

9. Okay, I think that should do it! Now go ask him what his favorite color is. You’ll do just fine! 

10. If you’re still a bit lost here, just reach out to one of our matchmakers or coaches at Kelleher International. We advise on all things when it comes to relationships. Even the best version of yourself on game day!