I think she’s too good for me…

I think he’s too good for me. She’s good looking, very successful, incredibly smart, well traveled and her friends are about 10x more interesting than mine. I feel like she’s out of my league. Is there a reason for me to stay with this?

This is insecurity, not reality talking. You are rattling off achievements, not values, and it is values that bring people together. Also, great couples aren’t necessarily a series of head-to-head competitions. She may be somewhere with her girlfriends saying “he is so compassionate, he is going to be a great Dad, he makes me feel like I could be anything” – all of which are wonderful things and totally unrelated to your list of accomplishments.

In sales we have a phrase: “Don’t say NO for the customer”. It means that you are projecting your insecurity into the decision, not what you are actually hearing from a customer.

Don’t say “no” for her, and think more about how your aligned values may be the glue that is holding you to this great woman.