The Ripple Effects of Your Life

Do you think about your ripple effects?

With everything happening in the world today, do you ever stop to think about your footprint and personal impact? Life and the news cycle move at warp speed. So it’s easy to dismiss things that aren’t happening to you directly or in your community. Or to think that your personal actions have little to no effect on the greater whole.

But that’s not true. Ripple effects can be observed through your social interactions, purchasing decisions, and daily habits. And it’s magnified through charitable activities where ideas, information, and funds can be disseminated for more significant impact.

Since 2013, Kelleher International’s CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, has connected a carefully selected network of elite business professionals and celebrities with over forty charities and causes. 

“I am deeply passionate about creating a community of purpose,” Amber explains. “Leveraging my relationships and connections as a matchmaker led to the creation of the AKA Group. I wanted to be a force for good and knew others in my network shared that desire. A philanthropic partnership with Virgin Unite grew from there. By matching leaders in philanthropy with leaders in business, we witness the true power of ripple effects.”

That synergistic connection continues to fuel Amber’s passion for matching on purpose. Amber and the Kelleher International team are proud to have a hand in these impactful foundations, causes, and projects: 

Africa Rising, Born this Way, CPCW, Do it for the Love Foundation, Education Model Towns, Happy Hearts Foundation, Human Needs Project, International Center for Transitional Justice, Jane Goodall Institute, Life is Good, Mamoni 100, Mission Be, Mission Blue, Not for Sale, Ocean Elders, Patton Hope, Planet Heritage Foundation, Plus Wonder Project, RIDE Foundation, SF Guardsmen, Strongheart Foundation, The Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation, The Ocean Foundation, Virgin Unite, Vital Voices, WildAid

AKA is on a mission to continue growing our purpose-driven network by matching amazing people with socially impactful projects.

If you’re inspired to align with us on our quest to create positive change in the world, we hope you’ll consider joining us at one of these upcoming events.

WildAid’s Annual Gala “A Night in Africa” at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel – Saturday, November 9, 2019

WildAid is a non-profit organization with a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade through public awareness campaigns, to provide comprehensive marine protection and to reduce climate change impacts. In 2018, WildAid received a third consecutive perfect 100-point score from Charity Navigator for financial transparency and efficiency, a rating given to fewer than 1% of rated charities. WildAid leverages more than $230 million in annual pro-bono media support and reaches millions of people with a simple and strong message: When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too. 

Amber and the Kelleher International team are active supporters of WildAid. Join our founder, Jill Kelleher, along with Amber and a few of our elite matchmakers for this year’s charity gala, “A Night in Africa.” 

At the gala, meet the Kelleher team and other passionate WildAid donors for cocktails and conversation at the Blvd Lounge at the Beverly Wilshire before the silent auction. Be sure to reserve your seat at one of the Kelleher tables for dinner and the evening festivities. Learn more about attending WildAid’s star-studded gala fundraiser and celebrate progress in protecting endangered species and marine habitats here. Or email [email protected].

SNAP2Live @ Art Basel at 1000 Museum in Miami, Florida on Friday, December 6, 2019 

While shooting NBC’s Ready for Love, Amber worked with Snap2Live founder, Ernesto Arguello, and they remain close friends. Ernesto joined the Success to Significance retreats Amber still co-hosts with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island; we’re excited to announce our 2020 program soon. In addition, Ernesto is doing meaningful work building Education Model Towns, and he is leading an initiative with the United Nations to promote road safety.

More About Snap2Live

Recognizing that traffic crashes are the number one killer of youth around the globe, Ernesto Arguello looked for a way to make a difference and stop the carnage. The most effective and simplest way is for everyone to wear their safety belt in an automobile. However, impacting youth to remember to fasten their seat belts can be challenging. Ernesto’s solution was Snap2Live. Snap2Live is a purpose-driven belt. It’s designed for everyday wear and looks like a more fashionable version of your car’s seat belt. Made of the same material but with bright colors, it stands out and is a conversation starter. By wearing the belt, it is Ernesto’s expectation that it will spark dialogue on the importance of wearing a safety belt, and create an easy reminder to use it in the car.

We hope you’re able to join us for either the upcoming WildAid or Snap2Live events. And stay tuned!

There are more opportunities to be a force for good coming soon.

In the meantime, consider the ripple effects of your actions in business, life, and love. Even the smallest of things done with meaning and intention can change the day (or life!) of both you and the recipient(s).