10 Ways to Enjoy the Single Life

Single life is not the life sentence it’s made out to be. Our matchmakers encourage clients to look at their single status as a transitional period in life. It’s a phase that should be enjoyed to its fullest without expectation for any particular “expiration date” when you find true love and cast off the label. It’s more of a time when you focus on personal growth and prepare for the person you hope to be someday – with or without a significant other.

1) Travel

Take the time to go somewhere new and enjoy moving through your itinerary at your own pace. Traveling solo can be great for independent minds. You get to visit the sites that matter most to you without compromising your travel schedule. If you’re having a great time, you don’t have to ask permission to take the long route to your destination or extend your trip another day. Everything is entirely up to you. Now that’s freedom.

2) Use the Whole Bed

You have your bed all to yourself – and that’s not a bad thing. This means you can get a full night’s rest without listening to the snores of your partner or worrying about waking them up when you get up early for work. In fact, we recommend staying up late with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie in bed. When the movie is over, sprawl out across the bed and hog the sheets. This is true comfort and it’s a beautiful thing.

3) Spend Time with Family

Relationships take a lot of time and effort. Often, family members who used to be closest to us are pushed to the backburner when romance arrives. Take advantage of the extra time you have to plan lunch with your siblings or a weekend on the lake with your cousins. Reconnect with your favorite family members and revisit all the spots you used to visit as children. It pays to go back to your roots.

4) Rediscover Interests

Use this time to rediscover old interests you haven’t had time to pursue or develop new interests that sound exciting. Maybe you enjoy cooking or want to spend more time outdoors. This is the perfect time to cultivate those interests. Enroll in a class or buy the gear necessary to pursue your passion. Set aside a whole weekend to immerse yourself in your chosen activity.

5) Splurge

Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting for a while. Whether you’ve been lusting after a shimmering right-hand ring or a rugged all-terrain vehicle for off-roading, now is the time to buy – and enjoy – your prize! You don’t need romance to feel like a million bucks when you have a successful career and a little time to spend on your bad self. You’ve earned it.

6) Set a New Goal

Imagine where you see your life in five years and create a set of goals for each year to help you get there. If you want to go to grad school, your year might include taking the GRE, writing personal statements, collecting letters of recommendation, and completing the lengthy application processes for each school. Upon acceptance, your goals might include moving to a new state or completing a specific internship.

7) Reclaim Your Independence

Take a step back to recognize just how much you are capable of on your own – without a partner constantly stepping in to save the day. You are a successful professional who solves problems all day long. Why would that ability suddenly stop the moment you walk out of the office? Recognize just how much you have achieved all by yourself and cut yourself a little slack next time something doesn’t go according to plan. Life is always about rolling with the punches – and you’re already an expert at navigating the rough waters all by yourself.

8) Socialize

Couples often rely on each other at social events. They navigate the room together and generally when one person decides it’s time to go, the other is also obligated to leave at the same time. Instead of lamenting your single status, use this time to share funny stories about your travels or network with other professionals. When you inevitably run into couples, listen to their stories and focus on making them feel good about their relationship. Just because you aren’t in a relationship right now doesn’t mean it isn’t something you’d still like to have at some point. You’ll want to stay in touch with these couples for future double date opportunities when you do find that special someone.

9) Change Your Perspective

Being single is not a disease or a euphemism for being down on your luck. It’s a chance to live independently and indulge in the things you enjoy without compromise. You are building your character and creating life experiences that will be very attractive to a potential date at a later time. The right person for you is probably doing the exact same thing.

10) Be Honest

Being single is a great opportunity to get real – both with yourself and with other people. Figure out what you’re really looking for in life and determine what is most important to you. If someone in your life does not contribute to those values, consider whether the relationship is beneficial enough to keep around.

Singlehood as a Stepping Stone to a Happy Relationship

When you enjoy being single, it’s easier to settle into a mature, drama-free relationship. Being single is a time to nurture your unique interests and hobbies so you can find common ground with that special someone in the future. It’s not about “getting the fun out now while you still can,” but instead cultivating your best self so you can live a life you enjoy with someone who appreciates your lifestyle.

American historian and philosopher Will Durant wrote in his book, The Story of Philosophy, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” It follows, then, that you can create healthy habits now to build a reputation of success that lasts for years to come. Your dream of living a life you love can become a reality, but only if you start building it right now.

Enjoy the single life now, but remember that when all is said and done, a loving relationship is the natural next step to help facilitate personal growth in your life. Give our matchmaking agency a call today to learn more about creating a personalized plan for your love life.