Great Kelleher Article in In Touch this week!

IN TOUCH magazine is currently running a two-page spread on Kelleher International. It has created quite a buzz! We remain a confidential and discreet matchmaking firm for our celebrity and non-celebrity clientele. All mentions of specific clients in this article were made with their full cooperation and permission.

Here’s the full text!


Amber Kelleher-Andrews is the go-to matchmaker for Hollywood A-listers

How does a huge celebrity like Jennifer Aniston – blessed with beauty, fame and fortune – go about finding a regular guy who’s not just dating her because she is, in fact, Jennifer Aniston? More single stars are turning to professional matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrews of Kelleher International to help them find love – shelling out up to $150,000 for matches from around the world. “It’s not just for a date – they’re willing to pay that to meet the love of their lives,” Amber tells In Touch, “I think Jennifer’s ready.”

Today co-host Hoda Kotb underwent the process on TV – letting viewers watch her find the perfect mate. “It feels like I’m in High School” says Hoda. “Only this is so much better.”

Even men turn to Amber for dates. “We have Red Sox chairman Tom Werner and of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll stars” she reveals. “We have NFL stars, big basketball players and the owners of some of the biggest companies.”

Amber says the mistake A-listers make is limiting their choices to others in the business. “It’s very difficult as a single, beautiful woman like Jennifer Aniston not to fall in love with co-stars like Vince Vaughn and Gerard Butler. She’d have to stop working a bit and meet some regular guys,” says Amber, who usually doesn’t tell men that they are being set up with a star. “The security that the clients have is knowing that the person wanted to meet them before they knew who they were. Successful men who have their act together do really well with actresses because they’re not intimidated.”

And Patti Stranger of Millionaire Matchmaker adds that the best matches are based on good old-fashion chemistry. “Stars get used for their money, looks and fame, but they have values and interests just like anyone else,” she says. “You have to teach them ‘Remember when you were a regular person.’ Then you can start to imagine your dream guy.”