Good News For Your Inner Matchmaker

Have you ever channeled your inner matchmaker to set up a single friend? The desire to play modern-day cupid is a common one, even for celebrities like Julia Roberts and Lindsay Lohan. Both ladies have been in the news recently for playing matchmaker to single gal pals. At Kelleher International, we believe everyone has an inner matchmaker.

But before you decide to play amateur matchmaker, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be sure you want to make the introduction.

Consider the potential consequences of making the connection – both if it goes well and if it doesn’t. You want what’s best for your friends, so make a thoughtful decision.  

For almost a year, Roberts had considered a potential match for her friend and fellow actress, Connie Britton, before making the introduction. Britton is well-known for her role as Tami Taylor on the TV hit Friday Night Lights and most recently as the lead actress in the psychological drama, Dirty John.

In an interview at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards Britton playfully talked about the mystery match which was still waiting to happen. Timing is always the elusive wild card.

Consider how you’ll make the intro.

Are the individuals naturally gregarious and a simple group text or email intro will do? Or perhaps you need to make the intro casual in a group setting to take any pressure off the duo.

According to celebrity reports, Lohan introduced her close friend, Tiffany Trump-Maples to now-boyfriend Michael Boulos while partying at the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos.

Don’t over-sell the match if your friend(s) aren’t into it.

What if one person is excited about the potential match and the other isn’t? Do you let one down gently or do you apply a bit of pressure to the other for a second date? Either could be the right answer. It depends on the situation. Which can be the tricky part where you might wish you had a professional matchmaker to consult.

Respect your friendship

Playing matchmaker for a friend feels excellent when it works, but when it doesn’t consider recommending a professional matchmaking service like Kelleher International. Just because it wasn’t the right match doesn’t mean it was the wrong idea.

Kelleher Matchmaking CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews suggests, “Making a match is a symphony of moving parts and unknowns – chemistry, timing, family, career, geography, personality, values. It’s nearly impossible to get it right on the first try. But it sure feels great when you do!”

Do you have a knack for networking and developing connections?

If you enjoy scouting for your friends and connecting great singles consider giving your inner matchmaker a side hustle. The Kelleher International Referral Program is a secret weapon of our business.

Director of Matchmaking Kimberly Colgate explains, “We continue to cultivate a team of ambassadors in major cities around the world who are both well connected and believe in the mission of Kelleher. When someone invests in our matchmaking service, they don’t get a single matchmaker but an expansive network.”

Become a KI Ambassador

If channeling your inner matchmaker feels natural, learn more about our KI Network Development Program. Kelleher’s business is all about networking and engaging like-minded individuals for love or philanthropyIn support of our clients and mission, we offer an incentive program to encourage proactive and mindful networking to generate referral candidates for current clients as well as potential members.

Call our headquarters to learn more about becoming a Kelleher International ambassador. Ask for Kimberly Colgate.  +1 (855) 241-1153