Destination Travel with Kelleher International

Becoming a Kelleher International client connects you with a global community of movers and shakers and provides destination travel opportunities to be a force for good. 

Last month, the Kelleher International executive team, along with a collection of KI clients, adventured to the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve.

Chamela-Cuixmala is located along five kilometers of pristine Mexican coastline, in the state of Jalisco. On this destination travel experience, forty of us explored the 30,000-acre eco-preserve to learn more about conservation and wildlife protection. Within the reserve, we stayed at Cuixmala, a luxury-eco resort looking out over the coconut plantation, bamboo groves, and mango trees. 

It was the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology and reconnect with each other and nature. 

For over-extended executives and entrepreneurs, destination travel provides a much-needed set and setting reboot. Cuixmala provides the perfect atmosphere to re-center and balance personal and professional goals.

We enjoyed relaxing on the beach, attending small yoga classes, and soaking up sound healing sessions. And to expand our reverence for nature, we watched rare birds, crocodiles, and other wildlife. We released turtles into the ocean. And most exhilarating of all, we went horseback riding with zebras.  

Amber Kelleher-Andrews, CEO of Kelleher International, reflected on the first day of the Cuixmala | Kelleher destination travel experience.

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta and enjoyed driving 4×4 Jeeps down the gorgeous Mexican Pacific coastline to the Cuixmala eco-resort. It was the perfect way to begin our adventure. Upon arrival, we met everyone in the Great Palace for welcome drinks and to bask in the breathtaking scenery. The views were spectacular! After everyone arrived, we split up to settle into our living quarters in the secluded beach bungalows, spectacular palace suites, and mountain-side casitas. Later that evening, we enjoyed a candlelit welcome/reunion dinner in the main palace. Our evening looked out over the cliffs dropping down to the Pacific Ocean. It was so powerful to see. The weather was perfect, and everyone was excited to reconnect. For many, it was a Necker Island reunion. But there were plenty of new faces that I was excited to meet. After a very satisfying meal we retired to spend our first night in paradise. I remember being so tired but excited for what was to come.

Amber Kelleher-Andrews
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Not only are wild animals protected and roam free at Cuixmala, but the plants are equally revered. Cuixmala offers a farm to table experience that takes every step toward preserving the environment. The resort staff practices biodynamic farming. And organic fruits and vegetables are planted, cared for, and harvested based on lunar cycles. You can certainly taste the difference at this eco-conscious destination travel hot spot.

Experiencing Cuixmala is life-changing and heart-opening. And we look forward to sharing more stories from our adventure. 

Do you want to be a force for good while also enjoying a fantastic holiday? 

We encourage you to join Kelleher International on one of our destination travel experiences in 2020. It’s the perfect blend of philanthropy, international networking, and much-deserved rest and relaxation.

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