Tips for Your First Thanksgiving Together

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving together after saying “I do,” or simply as a couple in a new relationship, deciding how and where to celebrate can be difficult. This holiday marks a beautiful time of year for friends and family. However, at Kelleher International, we understand that choosing which family or home to spend Thanksgiving with requires compromise. While both partners want to be with their loved ones, it might feel nearly impossible to please all relatives and in-laws. In order to actually enjoy the celebration, below are tips for your first Thanksgiving together:

Tips for couples

For couples in a new relationship, there is more leniency when deciding how to spend Thanksgiving. There are less obligations at this point. Chances are that both individuals will celebrate the holiday separately with their own families. However, in order to go above and beyond for your significant other, consider sending a little something to their loved ones simply to wish a happy Thanksgiving. This might be a card, bottle of eggnog, or other holiday treat. The gesture will show respect and thoughtfulness for the family without physically having to be there. Then, after both dinners are finished, meet up with your beloved to spend the rest of the evening together.

Tips for newlyweds

Splitting time between your immediate family and your in-laws can be difficult. The first option it to ask both families to schedule their dinners at different times. This way, the couple can spend the earlier part of the day with one family, and the latter half with the other. If this is too chaotic, consider alternating holidays between families. This means spending Thanksgiving every year with one side of the family. Christmas, for instance, would then be spent with the other family. Alternating like this can help build structure so there is less planning and anticipation. However, there is a chance that this will not go over well with the mother-in-law or father-in-law as they may feel cheated. If this is the case, another option is to celebrate Thanksgiving with one of the families either a day early or a day late. While this back-to-back dinner festivity might get tiring (and filling!), it is a great way to satisfy everyone without rushing from residence to residence. The couple can dedicate the entire two days to spending quality time with everyone. Finally, consider hosting. That way, both families get to travel to the couple’s home so everyone is together under the same roof at the same time. Finally, there is the option to just say no. As newlyweds, it is fair to want to spend Thanksgiving alone and just enjoy the holiday together. Cuddle up for a stress-free season and embrace the romance. If this is the option you choose, be sure to look at these five romantic destinations for fall getaways to make Thanksgiving even more special!

Tips for hosting

If you and your partner decide to host Thanksgiving, try these tips to ensure that the holiday runs as smoothly as possible. First, be sure to gather family recipes from any of the relatives. If there is a specific recipe that tends to be cooked each year, continue that tradition. From there, plan the rest of the menu ahead of time and act accordingly. Some food items might need to be prepared the day before Thanksgiving, such as the dough for pie. Additionally, when it comes to drinking, prepare beverages that can be served in larger batches. This way you will not have to play bartender. The family members can serve themselves at their own convenience. Finally, be ready to not only provide the food but the entertainment as well. This is particularly directed toward the younger ones. While cooking will take up a significant portion of the day, the children need to be kept busy during this time. Plan crafts and other safe activities to keep them engaged.

Tips for meeting new family members

Thanksgiving is a holiday that allows distant and extended relatives to gather around one table and spend time together each year. This means meeting more of your partner’s family for the first time! Be sure that the two of you sit down beforehand and discuss who will be attending. Go over the names of family members, differentiate how everyone is related, and be honest if there are any topics of discussion that should not be brought up. However, if Thanksgiving is when you are meeting your partner’s family for the first time, there are other ways to prepare.

Remember the purpose of Thanksgiving

Finally, be sure that you and your significant other take time to express appreciation for one another. The holidays have a way of causing stress between family members and loved ones. Avoid this by remembering the purpose of Thanksgiving: to give thanks to those around us. Take a moment to enjoy one another’s company. Verbally express why you are thankful to be together. Showing this gratitude is the point of the holiday. Do not get bogged down by all of the commitments and responsibility during this time of the year. Instead, remember to take time to simply enjoy your partner.

From all of us at Kelleher International… happy holidays!