Date Safe with Secure Matchmaking Services

How safe is your dating strategy? Last week The Washington Post reported on a story of a man in Silver Spring, MD who scammed women out of more than $600,000 in a series of what officers described as “internet romance schemes.” Evans Appiah, only 27-years-old, was convicted of wire and mail fraud, conspiracy and aggravated identity theft in a federal court of law. Appiah faces up to 20 years in prison on some of the charges, although his sentencing is not scheduled until August.

If one criminal was able to scam nearly a dozen people from across the country, imagine the impact additional scammers could have on the online dating industry. A mere 50 scammers obtaining $600,000 each would result in an overall loss of $30,000,000. That’s a high price to pay for love – and that’s only the financial aspect of it!

Your emotional health is also at risk if your online beau is dishonest about their relationship status. An MSNBC article discovered that around one third of men using online dating sites are married (the number of married women online is still up for debate). That estimate may even be lower than the real number due to the difficulty in finding – and verifying the relationship status of – married men online. Many adulterers do not disclose to their new partners that they are already married, which means their victims are unknowingly manipulated by someone who has been dishonest with them from the start. The emotional trauma is just not worth it.

Over the years, shady dating sites like those designed for adulterers have been the subject of much debate, heartbreak and even a few art projects. The Ashley Madison hacks last year left many children confused and families struggling to pick up the pieces. That is just one of many websites out there which aim to help people engage in affairs. Our matchmakers only endorse relationships when both partners seek honest, long-term love. That dynamic simply cannot exist when someone is being used or decieved.

These are worst-case dating scenarios that are easily avoidable by selecting a reputable matchmaking firm like Kelleher International. There is no telling who is on the other end of that connection when you are online. We differentiate ourselves from the online dating world with one simple, yet critical component: security. Our matchmakers pre-screen all potential dates to verify their identities, marital status and readiness to date before you are ever introduced. This is the unique difference that has kept the matchmaking industry alive for millennia. It’s the tried-and-true way to meet someone who has been handpicked just for you.

Regardless of how you choose to meet your date, it is important to engage in safe dating practices. We recommend the following tips to help protect you during your search for “the one” – at least for the first few dates:

Always meet your date in a neutral, highly populated location
Never allow your date to pick you up from home
Talk to your date on the phone or via video chat and trust your “gut instinct”
Date local so you can meet immediately
Never – we repeat: NEVER – send a date money via online wire transfer
Utilize a reputable matchmaking service like Kelleher International to pre-screen dates

Using our services is the safest way to find true love because we personally hand select, pre-screen and match accordingly based on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of what makes a real relationship work. Our matchmaking services are steeped in the philosophies of true love and using instinct to identify your perfect partner. This can be tricky in a world packed with shady online dating profiles and “hookup apps.” Don’t leave your future in the hands of a computer algorithm or a two-dimensional online profile. Allow us to put the human touch back into dating. Complete our contact form today to learn more!