A Man’s Guide to Popping the Question

If you have fallen in love with someone that loves you in return, then asking her to marry you should be the next step in the equation. This is a moment both of you will remember for the rest of your life, and you won’t get a second chance to make it perfect. The stakes have never been higher. If she accepts, she’s bound to face endless questions from friends and family about every detail of the proposal, from the salad dressing to the flowers you chose to the way your eyes shone. She’ll be describing the event for weeks and months to come, so perfecting the proposal is your first step to pulling off a memorable moment. Our expert matchmakers have come up with infallible “to-dos” to make sure you both have a proposal you won’t soon forget.


Don’t Be Surprised

Any successful businessperson or lawyer will know you don’t ask a question unless you are certain you can get the desired answer. If you are unsure of what her answer will be when you go down on one knee, then you might want to consider if you have given your courtship the attention and time it deserves. Woo and court your bride-to-be so you both know what the only answer could be.

Surprise Her

Surprise your lady. A proposal is special, and she’ll love the fact that you planned everything without her knowledge. However, if you had a talk last week about marriage and then you suggest romantic trip to wine country this weekend “just because,” your ruse will be up. When planning the proposal, keep your cards close to the chest and don’t tell anyone except those that absolutely need to know.

Only Go Public if You Know the Outcome

If you are uncertain about the outcome, then popping the question while enjoying a football game surrounded by thousands of screaming – and curious – fans may not be the route you want to take. Avoid any embarrassing moments for the both of you by choosing a more personal proposal.

Personalize It

Google is not the answer to unique proposal ideas; it is guaranteed they have been done before. You already have everything you need to ensure a memorable proposal. You know what she likes, her interests, and places she loves, so use your knowledge to tailor the event accordingly. It will show her that you put thought into the proposal and that you know her better than anyone else.

Guard the Ring

From placing the ring in a glass of champagne to hiding it in dessert, these types of surprise proposals don’t always go as planned. The last thing you want is for the ring to end up missing, or worse: accidentally swallowed with a bite of cake! Instead, use traditional ways of presenting her with the ring to ensure you don’t risk losing it! Don’t stress yourself out trying to find “creative” ways to propose – she will love anything you choose.


It may seem a little corny and cliché, but we guarantee that your wife-to-be will love it. Since she was a little girl, she’s dreamed of this moment and those dreams likely included you taking a knee to ask her to be your wife.

Maintain Eye Contact

It will show that you mean every word. Confidence is the key to assuring her that you truly want her to be a part of your life forever. Avoid breaking eye contact until she has given you an answer.


Practice makes perfect, so even if you feel weird proposing to yourself in the mirror, take some time to do it at least once. Practice whenever you get the chance – in the car, in the shower, in your office – it doesn’t matter as long as you do it. You will feel embarrassed, but it will all be worth it if she says yes.


Don’t worry about stuttering, sweating or missing a well-practiced line. Just take a deep breath, calm your mind, and pop the question. She won’t mind if you flub it a little – after all, she’s probably just as nervous as you are!

Your proposal doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be special and the most spectacular part is that you have found someone who loves you regardless of how you do it. Finding someone special to spend the rest of your life isn’t always easy when everyone wants some of your time, but with Kelleher International, the search is worth it. Do you need help finding someone to spend the rest of your life with? Contact our expert matchmakers today to get started!