Your Guide to Surviving Cuffing Season

Baby, it’s cold outside . . . but your love life can still sizzle! Cuffing season has arrived and you may already be partaking in the festivities without even realizing it. Our matchmakers delved into the elusive dating practices that take place during cuffing season to offer you the latest and greatest survival guide. With Kelleher International by your side, it’s easy to get through the colder seasons with your heart intact.

What is cuffing season?

There is a social phenomenon that makes otherwise freewheeling singles seek out relationships as temperatures drop. Whether it’s the romantic notion of having someone to cuddle up with in chilly weather or the desire to find a date to celebrate holidays with, people tend to pair off into couples more in mid-autumn than they do during any other season. This desire to be “tied down” is affectionately referred to as cuffing season.

How long do relationships from cuffing season last?

The assumption is that relationships formed during cuffing season only last until temperatures warm up again. We obviously know this is not 100 percent accurate. Our matchmakers have successfully guided many couples into successful relationships in the fall season and you might know many couples yourself who celebrate October or November anniversaries.

Is it a cuffing season fling or something more?

If you’re looking for true love with the right person, your relationship can last as long as you want it to – regardless of the number on the thermometer. The surest way to know whether you are dating someone whose intentions match yours is simply to ask them. It’s simply polite to be upfront about your intentions before things get serious so your partner can make an informed decision about the relationship.

A reputable matchmaking agency like Kelleher International takes things a step further by thoroughly vetting each client not just for compatibility, but also for level of commitment to a prospective relationship. Flings are simply not our thing; we only accept clients who are looking for long-term love.

Our survival tips for cuffing season:

  • Don’t go stag

It may be tempting to head out for a night on the town with your bad self, but a single lady or gentleman at the bar is easy prey for ill-intentioned suitors. Bring friends to help lighten the mood. This also gives you a great excuse to get away should you find yourself trapped in conversation with someone you do not care to date.

  • Accept invites only from trusted friends

The party of the year might sound fun, but do you know anyone else who plans to attend? Use your social circle to gauge whether events are worth your time or just another singles mixer full of people who have no intention of settling down.

  • Take it slow

If you do meet someone interesting during cuffing season, be thorough with your first date questions. Be direct and ask if your date is looking for love (red flag if they cringe at the word) or if they want a quick fling. If their answer is not satisfactory, you can leave and contact your matchmaker for some better quality options.

  • Put in the effort

Don’t let cuffing season put a damper on your dating plans. If your matchmaker has arranged an introduction with someone intriguing, go ahead and primp a little for the first date. A little cologne for men or a fun swing dress for women can go a long way.

  • You have the power

No one can make you participate in cuffing season (or prevent you from participating) without your consent. Decide whether you are ready for a serious relationship and work from there. People who meet your criteria will either stick around or fall away. It’s that simple.

Whether you love cuffing season or hate it, it’s something everyone has to deal with at some point. Prepare for it this year with a professional matchmaking agency on your side to weed out the flakes from the real deal.