5 Ways to Tell if Your Date has Relationship Potential

Of all the phases involved in building a solid relationship, dating is by far the most uncertain. The goal is to get to know your date as a person while, at the same time, judging whether this individual has the potential to turn into a best friend or long-term relationship. Small talk, deep conversation about values, and even figuring out who drives where and pays for what can become overwhelming. Kelleher International’s elite professional matchmakers have determined which five simple traits you should notice to help turn a complicated process into an easy decision. After all, the quality of your date could very well turn into your future quality of life.

Intelligence. Does your date value education as much as you do? Maybe he or she has a lesser level of education on paper, but reads extensively or enjoys philosophical conversations. You date may not have graduated from the most elite schools, but maybe they instead traveled the world and gained a wealth of experiences. There are different types of intelligence, so determine whether you value a certificate from an accredited institution, worldly knowledge, street smarts, or something else altogether. Consider all possibilities before ruling anyone out: sometimes, a great date is the person you least expect to be a good fit, which is why international matchmaking services are so beneficial.

Values. Is religion an important part of your life? Do you belong to one particular political party whose beliefs embody your morals and values? Perhaps family is important to you and you would like to have children within the next five years. It is so important to discuss these things with your partner and find out if they feel the same or, if you share different beliefs, whether you are able to support each other in a constructive way to make the relationship work. Interfaith dating doesn’t automatically end relationships. Just because two people are different does not mean love can’t overcome those differences with some effort. Talk to your date and voice your concerns. Communication is the key to navigating different viewpoints.

Ambition. Just because you are an ambitious person yourself doesn’t mean you want to date someone exactly like you. The old adage, “opposites attract” could be right on the money with this one, especially when demanding schedules of busy professionals are taken into account. It’s difficult enough to manage one high-status calendar, but coordinating two of them to schedule date night takes a significant amount of extra effort. The two of you might not even be in the same city for much of the year! Whether you want a date equally business-savvy or someone who simply brings joy to your life after you’ve left the office, professional matchmaking services offer benefits many clients have never considered. Our team of professionals can evaluate your schedule as well as the traits you desire in a significant other to locate someone who fits into your life both emotionally and logistically.

Hobbies. Dating someone with many hobbies serves multiple purposes: first and foremost, it shows your date is involved and interested in the world around them. Interest is a sign of intelligence, which brings us back to point number one: whether your date’s intelligence is up to par. Pursuing multiple interests is also a good indicator that your date will have lots to talk about over dinner, which could lead to exciting conversation on a wide variety of topics. If you’re lucky, maybe your date will invite you to participate in a night of trivia or a day of horseback riding through the mountains. Dating someone with different interests could open your eyes up to a whole different side of the world you’d never before considered.

Fun. Relationships take work to last, but all work and no play makes your relationship a boring space for everyone involved. It’s okay to lighten up, joke with your date, and be silly together. If you find your date has a hard time stepping out of his or her office persona, try to plan special dates that set the mood for laughter; street fairs, comedy clubs or cooking classes are frequently interactive and will encourage your date to think creatively in a relaxed atmosphere where they can truly be themselves. Don’t let stress of the day put strain on your relationship.

Whether this is your first date or the hundredth, it is never a bad time to evaluate your partner’s personality and determine what the future of your relationship holds. Simplify your dating tactics and focus on the four topics mentioned above for an overreaching view of your relationship and whether your date can go the distance. Contact our team of elite professional matchmakers today to begin a journey toward a satisfying relationship and true love that lasts a lifetime.