Why Working With a  Professional Matchmaker is a Good Investment

In the digital age, the quest for love has taken on new forms, with online dating apps and websites promising to help us find our soulmates at the swipe of a finger. However, despite the convenience and accessibility these platforms offer, many people still struggle to find genuine, lasting connections. Dating through an app has become a minefield of catfishing, ghosting , and at times exhaustion and depression. This is where professional matchmakers step in, offering a discrete and personalized approach that values your time and presents you with fully vetted, curated matches.

“Don’t leave the most important event in your life to chance.”  ~Amber Kelleher-Andrews

At Kelleher International Matchmaking Service, we take the time to get to know you on a personal level, understanding your preferences, values, and goals in a way that no algorithm can. This personalized approach allows us to create connections that are not solely based on superficial characteristics but on a deeper understanding of your personality, desires and values.

We have been developing and nurturing our extensive network of successful and eligible singles for over 35 years. 

As pioneers in the matchmaking business, we possess a wealth of experience and expertise that can’t be matched (pun intended) anywhere else. We have had over one million hours of one on one conversations with individuals about what is most important to them in relationships and a partner.  We have a keen sense of human nature, developed through years of working with diverse clients, and we have a deep understanding of the complexities of  relationship dynamics. Our wealth of knowledge ensures many more successful matches, increasing the likelihood of finding a life-long partner. This is what we bring to the table with every client. This level of understanding and involvement leads to an experience that is second to none in the high end matchmaking world and one that algorithms and dating apps can’t even come close to. 

Many of our clients are high-profile individuals who value discretion and confidentiality.

Privacy is a significant concern when it comes to online dating, as the sharing of personal information and photos can be risky. Our matchmakers prioritize the confidentiality and discretion of our clients, ensuring that your personal details are safeguarded throughout the matchmaking process. This added layer of security and privacy is a valuable advantage of working with a matchmaker.

Dating is a time-consuming process when navigating the world of online dating. Our Matchmaking Service gives you back your most valuable commodity. Time.

Endless swiping and chatting with potential matches can lead to frustration and disappointment. We save you time by pre-screening and vetting potential matches, ensuring that you only meet individuals who align with your preferences and values. This streamlines the dating process and allows you to focus on genuinely promising connections.

“When both parties trust the details to a professional, they go into the experience feeling comfortable and at ease. They know exactly who they will meet, which makes that time-consuming process of breaking the ice so much smoother and simpler.” ~ Amber Kelleher-Andrews

Online dating relies heavily on self-reported information and profile pictures, which can be misleading. Our professional matchmakers, on the other hand, conduct in-depth interviews, background checks, and compatibility assessments to ensure that your potential matches are not only genuine but also compatible with your values, interests, and lifestyle. This significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises and disappointment and proves to be an amazing time saver for our members. 

Our matchmaking expertise and service go far beyond just finding matches for people. 

Our coaches and Relationship Managers are here to guide you through what many feel is a daunting and intimidating process. We offer insights into effective communication, dating etiquette, relationship development and self-improvement. Our experience, resources, and dedication to our clients lead to a higher likelihood of forming a genuine connection with a compatible partner, ultimately increasing your chances of finding love.

Privacy and vetting go hand in hand with celebrity and high-profile clients.

It is one of the first things potential clients ask us about before signing up. As a premier matchmaking agency, we offer a large pool of pre-screened individuals. We value and respect your privacy, and all interactions, matches and communications are kept in the strictest confidence.

We build confidence by honing in on exactly what you’re looking for in an ideal partner together. Have you ever been given honest feedback on your dating experiences? Because we play the middle guy, we are able to help you identify areas for improvement and learn about what was right about the match and how to improve on your next match.  This constructive feedback can lead to a more successful dating journey and an increased ability to build meaningful relationships in the future. 

The journey to find love can be emotionally taxing, with its fair share of highs and lows. Our clients receive emotional support and encouragement throughout the process, helping them navigate the challenges of dating with confidence and resilience.

Having a trusted advisor by your side can make the search for love a more positive and empowering experience. At Kelleher International our culture is driven by our purpose, which we state as Transforming Lives Through Purposeful Connection and Love. This creates a virtuous cycle that enriches the lives of our clients, our employees and ultimately, we like to think, the world.

So if you’re tired of swiping and want to get serious about finding the one, reach out today and speak with one of our team members. Isn’t it time you invested in the most important decision of your life?