The Secret to a Happy Relationship

Everyone knows at least one serial dater in their lives – if you aren’t one yourself. Our matchmakers have seen it all: from people who never date the same person for more than a few weeks to others who have a new date every night. Serial daters are experts at starting relationships, but soon become dissatisfied and end each relationship quickly before moving on to the next one. New research shows this behavior might not be bad – it’s just a symptom of living in a big city and being left to find dates on your own without any help.

A study published last month in Evolution & Human Behavior explores the factors that cause people to be happy with relationships. Study authors Daniel Conroy-Beam, Cari D. Goetz and David M. Buss wanted to know: is it how you perceive yourself (and your partner) that makes you happy in a relationship, or is it your partner’s fulfillment of your “checklist” that keeps you together for the long-haul?

As it turns out, people are happier in relationships when they feel like their partner is a better catch than themselves. People who felt they were more desirable than their partners were understandably less satisfied with their relationship, but, as Quartz reports, this phenomenon happened “only if other potential matches did a better job of meeting their preferences.”

So basically, happy relationships happen when we believe our partner is the best candidate for the job.

Many of our clients hail from large cities like London, Los Angeles or New York City where large populations make it difficult to find a partner suited to your own life. How are you supposed to narrow down your search for a life partner when there are so many people to compare?

Fortunately, you are not alone in your search for love. Our matchmaking services help narrow down that search from thousands of people to just a few that we feel have high relationship potential. You make the final decisions, but you can do so with the confidence that our professional matchmakers have already gone through the city’s most eligible singles. The hard work is essentially done for you.

Dating sites that claim to use algorithms to match partners go against everything this study stands for. The authors reported that a “well-designed” representation of their findings would account for “mate value discrepancies between actual partner and potential partners.” As far as we can tell, it’s going to be a long time before that kind of high-level thinking is incorporated into online dating. Fortunately, human intuition is still the best way to evaluate whether chemistry might exist between two people.

Do you have tips for a happy relationship? Tell us about it in the comments section and let us know what kind of advice you would give to singles seeking love.

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