Know the Right Time to Define the Relationship

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship and finding out that your significant other defines your relationship differently. Having “the talk” is an important part of any relationship. After all, the results may mean you’re both ready to commit to something more lasting – or that it’s time to move on.  No matter where you both are in the yet-to-be-defined relationship, at some point, the topic is bound to come up, so it’s important that you’re both on the same page. Our matchmakers weighed in on when they frequently see couples having “the talk.” Here are the most common signs that it’s the right time for you and your sweetheart to sit down and define the relationship.

When You’re Together All the Time

You’re still in the honeymoon phase and you want to spend as much time as you can with your significant other. You find yourself rearranging your schedule and moving back your meetings so you can have 10 extra minutes with them. You share dinner together almost every evening and your weekend always includes time together. When you spend that much time with someone, it makes sense that you should define the relationship at this point to make sure you both feel the same way.

When You Go Somewhere, People Assume You’re a Couple

If your friends are questioning your relationship status, you should, too. This is a tell-tale sign that you are past the point of “just dating” and moving onto something more permanent. You can trust your closest friends and colleagues to keep tabs, and if they start asking questions about why you’re not available as much these days, it’s time for you and your date to decide whether your relationship is a fling – or something more.

When There’s Evidence of You Two Together

It may be time to define the relationship when photos of you two start appearing on your social media accounts. This is an indicator that you spend a lot of quality time together and are not afraid to let your closest friends and family know of your budding romance. If your sweetheart brings you flowers or lunch at work, or accompanies you to an after-hours social gathering, it shows they are comfortable and confident with you. This could be just the sign you’re looking for that they are ready to take your connection to the next level.

When You Confide in Them Before Anyone Else

The need to share everything with this person becomes a need that you can’t ignore. They are the first to know about your new subdivision or your plan to expand your business. You go to them for advice and you take their opinions seriously. Your ups and downs become theirs – and vice-versa. Once your relationship has gained this level of confidence, it’s time to decide how serious your relationship is.

When You Tell Your Family and Closest Friends About Them

These are the people you trust most in the world. You want their honest opinion about the person you are seeing. When they give you the green light, enjoy spending time with the both of you, and ask where the other person is when you’re not together, you know it’s time to start getting serious and define your relationship.

When Neither of You Wants to Date Other People

Monogamy is on the mind and you can’t see yourself dating anyone else. You no longer flirt with the barista or try to score numbers when you’re out with friends because you’ve already found someone who fulfills all the needs in your life. This is something you should tell your significant other. Let them know how you feel and see if they feel the same about you.

When You Talk About the Future

Weeks and months seem to pass quickly, and you’ve started accepting invitations with a plus one further and further into future. This doesn’t scare you, and you are actually looking forward to spending that time together. You don’t see them disappearing anytime soon and you can safely assume they agree, so go ahead and define your relationship.

Our matchmakers at Kelleher International work hard to make sure that pursuing that next step in the relationship comes naturally by intentionally matching you with someone who fits effortlessly into your life. Enlisting a matchmaking service like ours is a sure way to partner you with someone who can respect your lifestyle and brighten your life. We can help make defining the relationship as simple as accepting your first date, because once you accept, you won’t want to go back. Call or contact us online to get started!