Recovering From Heartbreak

At Kelleher International, a host of clients end up seeking our matchmaking services after the loss of love when they’re ready to break free from the chains of heartache. Recovering from a broken heart is an arduous process that requires real emotional effort. Our team of matchmakers have years of experience holding space for the heartbroken and love sick while helping them turn the corner and get ready for love again.

Take Time to Heal

Dating can quickly highlight the pains of mending a broken heart. “The most important part of letting someone into your life, is being complete,” says Kelleher matchmaker Patty Russell. “Many men and women come to us after a divorce or death of a spouse and think they are ready but learn there’s more healing to do.”

Patty recalls working with a particular client whose wife had left him after a twenty-year marriage. “It had been six months, and he was not at all prepared for the change, although he said he wanted to get out there and start meeting people. After meeting a few ladies the client was clear weren’t for him, he did get into a relationship fairly quickly with one he felt potential. His insecurity of being left kept him from totally committing to this woman he truly cared for, and he eventually broke things off.

Two years later he understands he was a completely different person then and now is ready to move forward. He feels regret for leaving the woman and knows their relationship would be completely different had they met now. My advice to you – don’t rush trying to get into a new relationship, you will attract the wrong person or the right one at the wrong time.”

Learn the Lesson

Kelleher Matchmaking focuses not only on making love connections but also on creating better partners.

KI Matchmaker Molly Davis explains, “I recently coached a client through a painful breakup with someone I introduced him to and thought he would marry. This gentleman is a passionate communicator, and his tone and message don’t always land with people. I experienced it first-hand, and so had his girlfriend. I took a chance and shared this feedback with him knowing it would initially hurt his feelings. Fortunately, after the shock wore off, he expressed so much gratitude for my being courageous enough to tell him what no one else had in his 77-years!

As an uber-successful CEO, he began asking the people in his personal and professional life if they too felt he was overly sharp and aggressive. They answered honestly, and he’s committed to doing better. He lost the woman he loved because he wasn’t able to see how his words were affecting her. Now he is working on his delivery daily. It seems simple, but most life-changing things are.

It was a breakthrough conversation which enabled my client to evolve as a man and a romantic partner. Our relationship as matchmaker and client reached a new level of mutual respect that day, and we are a super strong team focused on finding his forever person.”

Refocus Your Desires

Once you’ve taken the time to both heal and grow after heartbreak, it’s important to reflect and refocus your desires. Kelleher International’s Faith Busby says, “During transition periods many of our clients busy themselves with work, children, or other responsibilities and ignore the personal deep dive. It’s important we provide the tools to help guide them toward actualizing their dream of finding the right partner. We help Kelleher clients get ready to date again by circling back on relationship goals, personal values, and providing them with a fresh perspective. This exercise is new for many clients who have never taken so much time to define themselves and what they’re looking for in a relationship.”

Keep Your Heart Open

Heartbreak feels so personal and isolating, but the truth is it happens to us all. We’ve all suffered the pains of a broken heart; you are not alone in the mix of emotions you carry. It’s an ache that connects us to humanity.

Debra Mansfield, Kelleher International matchmaker, adds, “In my experience, I find women able to recover a little quicker from a broken heart than men. Many women are eager to rediscover love, move on with their life, and remarry. When heartbreak happens to many men, the pain is so excruciating they don’t ever want to feel that way again and close themselves off from a real connection. They enjoy dating and having fun but are leery of another heartbreak.

My advice for those individuals who are cautious with their heart is to remember they are not alone. Stop living in fear. Yes, an open heart is breakable, but you can’t fully love again without it. Don’t cheat yourself out of life’s greatest treasures.”

If you’re mending a broken heart and feel secure enough to love again, the Kelleher International matchmaking team is here to hold your hand through the process. Give us a call and together we’ll make sure you’re ready for love and determine if matchmaking is right for you.