The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in a New Relationship: Part 1

When two people first start seeing each other exclusively, they can feel as if they are living in a fantasy world where nothing can separate them. The “honeymoon phase” of a relationship refers to that exciting time where everything about the relationship is perfect. But like the calm before the storm, this early stage of a relationship is not likely to last, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the happiness of the honeymoon phase is lost forever. However, if you make these mistakes at the start of your relationship, you may be risking an end to the fantasy as well as a messy conclusion to the relationship altogether.

When you first start dating a person, always try to avoid these fundamental relationship mistakes:

Talking About the Relationship Too Much
The prevalence and pervasiveness of social media makes it easier for couples to publicly talk with one another and put their affections on display for the world. However, it is possible to share too much – both online and in person. While it is expected that you will initially talk about the new romance with your friends, it is definitely not advisable to tell people about every detail of the relationship. Resist the urge to tell your friends about the strange way your new partner brushes their teeth, or letting your social media following know about the dumb thing they said at breakfast that morning. Couples who are constantly displaying their affections in a public place are oftentimes frowned upon, and this is just as true online too.

Getting Discouraged Too Easily
Every relationship is going to encounter a challenge at some point. It is important for couples to realize that it is normal to hit a roadblock here and there, and that both parties must be willing to work to overcome it and maintain the relationship, rather than abandoning their newfound connection altogether.

Being “Too Busy”
One major hurdle that busy professionals face is a lack of time to invest in a sound social life. Unfortunately, when a relationship is new, it is easy to place other priorities above the relationship. This can make it difficult to keep the relationship going, much less establish your significant other as an important new part of your life. You can’t grow together as a couple without spending time together, so be sure to make time for your love life.

Being Too Overbearing
It is exciting to be in a new relationship and therefore understandable that you want to spend as much time with this special person as possible, but it can be just as bad to be clingy. Be sure to allow your partner plenty of time to be an individual and do their own thing. Avoid sending a dozen text messages or leaving a bunch of voicemails whenever you miss them or when they do not respond to you right away. Everyone needs time alone to pursue a hobby, spend time with their own friends, or simply just to have a free moment to relax; this is something that is true of relationships in every stage.

Remember that every relationship starts somewhere, so it is best to start things correctly. Be sure to check our blog next week for even more common mistakes that new couples make. By avoiding these errors, the chances of a “Happily Ever After” are that much higher.

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