Spring Into Romance

There was pretty rough weather across the states this past winter and we’ve all been aching for warmer, calmer days! Luckily, spring has finally arrived with its promise of renewal and prosperity. Now is the perfect time for creation, for new relationships to take root and blossom, for manifestation, and to spring into romance!

Spring is the perfect time to strike up a new romance or take action on a crush that’s been building for a while. Meditate, contemplate your wants and passions and release them into the ethers where they will be noticed and, in turn, present you with numerous opportunities. The art of attraction is waiting to prove its power.

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Of course, our matchmaking team works year round working our magic and ensuring that our clients are putting out only the most positive vibes along with ours to get the universe working on their behalf. We leave no stone unturned, looking for opportunities for each and every prospect. It’s a tireless but rewarding job and there is nothing we look forward to more than a new engagement.

One of the reasons that spring is such a popular time for new relationships is that people tend to feel more optimistic and hopeful during this season.

The long, dark days of winter can leave us feeling tired and uninspired, but the arrival of spring can lift our spirits and make us more open to new experiences. As the world around us starts to come back to life, we’re reminded of the potential for growth and change in our own lives, including in our romantic relationships.

Get out and about and welcome human interaction, eye-contact, small talk and flirty glances. You never know where you might meet someone, but it will never happen if you don’t glance up and take in the people around you. Take every chance to say hello to someone. Enroll in that class, step out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

“Spring is such a magical time around here”, says Jill Kelleher, founder of Kelleher International Matchmaking Service.

“Everyone is in such a good mood and ready to meet the one. They feel better about the season and better about themselves. It really gets things going. People are drawn to confidence”, she continues. “so it’s helpful to step out with a positive and assured outlook. Lean into the gifts and unique qualities that make you a good catch. You’re not  just looking for the right person, you’re offering yourself as a high-value suitor. So keep your head up high and know that good things are on the way!”

The Kelleher family has faith in you and we are at your service when you are ready to take the leap! Happy Spring Everyone!