Mum’s the Word: Keeping Your Personal Life Private

Everyone has an opinion about something. Your mother has thoughts on your clothing choices, your siblings have ideas about where you should live, and your best friend wants to weigh in on your dates – but what happens when thousands of people also want to voice their opinions on your life? Nothing good, that’s for sure. Relationships are like fire: they need just a little bit of oxygen to ignite, but too much at once will extinguish the flame before it’s ever started to burn. Guarding your privacy is not just an issue of personal preference – it’s a matter of saving your relationship before overexposure extinguishes the whole thing. Our matchmaking services offer discrete dating, but there are a few additional ways to keep your personal life private:

Be Boring

The best way to keep your privacy is to simply be boring. This sounds mind-numbingly obvious, but it can be a real trick for people in high-profile careers who actually do lead exciting lives. Follow Derek Jeter’s lead by simply saying “I don’t know,” or “No comment” when asked rude or undesirable questions. The media will quickly lose interest once they realize they aren’t getting any new information.


Many celebrities are glued to their phones, but we can assure you it’s out of necessity – not out of an extreme desire to be constantly “plugged in.” In fact, many people with high-profile lifestyles would rather keep their personal information to themselves instead of blasting it out online. To keep your personal life private, it’s a smart idea to refrain from using social media except in an official capacity. Hire a social media manager to keep tight controls on the information that goes in to your news feed. This will help prevent any slip-ups and will ensure a consistent post quality. Similarly, try to have long distance conversations over the phone – not via text. Just like social media posts, texts are forever and will not disappear easily once they are sent.

Choose Your Company

If the media has an all-access-pass to your daily life and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, it might be time to seek out the mole in your life and cut that person out indefinitely. Choose friends based on their ability to keep a secret or even their own desire for privacy. Someone who understands your plight is less likely to dish about your personal life because, after all, you are providing them with a much-needed confidante as well.

Know Who is Impacted

Many celebrities cite children as their primary motivation for requesting privacy. Couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd have always been vocal about protecting their daughter Lincoln from the onslaught of paparazzi. Bell has gone so far as to refuse interviews with magazines that publish unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner took their fight for privacy to the state legislature. Garner made her case to the Assembly Judiciary Committee at the California State Capitol, stating, “I love my kids. They’re beautiful and sweet and innocent. And I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers, who camp out everywhere we are, every day, to continue traumatizing my kids.” Berry added that, while she chose a life of fame, she also represents “little innocent children who didn’t ask to be celebrities.”

Privacy in your personal life is one of the most valuable things you can ask for when your career is in the limelight. Legally, anyone is allowed to take photos of you as long as you are in a public place, but it is still possible for the details of your personal life to remain private. Stick to these rules for your daily life and give us a call when you’re ready to start dating. Who knows: maybe your date will have some tricks to share, too!