Meet the Team Member: Debra

Featured Team Member: Debra

I just had a great first date. How do I compete with the two other guys I know she had dates with this past week?

Three things will give you the edge over most men.

Have a Plan on your Date . At Kelleher International we can’t say often enough that women love a “man with a plan”. Women translate that characteristic into a million other things they are looking for. Put together an evening that shows real forethought and planning.

Tell a Personal Story. Don’t tell her “I love the Giants”, say “some of my greatest memories growing up are watching the Giants with my dad and every time they take the field it takes me back to that happiness.” Sharing = Winning.

Be Specific. The more confident a woman, often the deeper are some strands of insecurity — be specific when you compliment her. “Your passion for modern art is captivating and makes me even want to go to a museum.” “Every time I talk to you on the phone I can’t help but smile.” Go for honesty, not corny.