What’s the Best Way to Meet Quality Singles?

Are you still pondering the best way to meet quality singles? It’s the million dollar question with seemingly a million answers.

We’ve all learned that dating sites and apps can cloud the experience of finding a companion by creating a paradox of choice. As Kelleher International matchmakers, we work with amazing singles like you searching for their match. They often arrive on our doorstep frustrated and disgruntled with their current dating experience.

Did you read the recent article in The Atlantic discussing the flaws of analyzing dating like an economy? This age-old notion is new again with the surge of dating app culture. Of course, you already know this if “you’re on the market.” And you’re probably tired of swiping. And we certainly understand if you feel too time-starved to discover a more meaningful way to put yourself out there.

So what’s the solution to meet quality singles without ruining romance?

We think matchmaking is the logical choice. But don’t take our word for it.

John and Ginger are a lovely, married Kelleher couple living in Austin, TX. They are so inspiring we’ll let them tell you about their matchmaking experience with us. And then you can decide for yourself.

Did you have an initial thought about matchmaking before you approached Kelleher International?

Ginger: It appealed to me to have a matchmaker because of the personal contact – someone to see me, know me, and get a feel for me as a person. And then find a person for me in that same way. It seemed like the most natural way to meet someone since I live in an area mostly made up of families. I needed someone to be my scout and not force me to be in a singles bar. Digital dating options weren’t as appealing to me as having a real person – on my team – personally interested in helping me find happiness in my romantic life.

John: I’m in the success and human achievement field, and one of the things I see is that your romantic relationship is the biggest external factor to your happiness. So it’s an extremely important part of your life. I recognized that utilizing a matchmaking firm like Kelleher was the time-efficient, intelligent way to do it. I’m running a successful business; I don’t have the time or desire to go out to bars looking for the love of my life. If I’m hiring a CEO for my company, I don’t go to a bar to find them. I go to a headhunter. And so, certainly, I’d do that with the most important part of my life. 

Once you connected with Kelleher International, tell me about your experience.

Ginger: Excellent is the short answer. The longer one is, I was naive about dating. I hadn’t been “on the market” in thirty years. When I met Sherry, the woman who would be my matchmaker, we had a long personal interview. 

I remember going through the questions with her. She asked about the logistics of my dating proximity. And I told her I wanted to find someone within twenty to thirty minutes from my house. Age fit? I told Sherry I wanted to date someone my age. When she asked for the age range, I told her I wanted someone my age, on the money. Sherry put down her pencil, looked up at me and chuckled. She diplomatically explained the reasons we’d have more success if I could broaden my scope.

My experience was that KI does exactly what they say they’ll do. They handpick. And take their time. So the matches I had felt intentional. There were eight suitors over a six month period from all over Texas. From those, the one I liked best was John, who happened to be my very first match. And he only lived 20-minutes from my house in Austin, Texas. The man of my dreams – who fit my criteria – existed! And we would’ve never met without the Kelleher team.

John and Ginger Mitchell are a lovely Kelleher International success story living in Austin, TX. This photo was captured during our interview at Mount Bonnell. Thanks to the couple for talking with us about their matchmaking experience and for sharing one of their favorite local spots with us. John and Ginger, we wish you continued wedded bliss.

John: Here’s the thing to appreciate. Ginger got married in her mid-twenties and was married for twenty-five years. I’m the first man that she met after that. My story is the complete opposite. As a never-married bachelor in my early fifties, I was so experienced at dating it hurt. 

I’d decided to change my life because I didn’t feel I was as successful as I should be. And not having a partner was a big part of that. The Universe was telling me she wasn’t in Dallas, and I had a feeling she might be in Austin. So I relocated.

I teach a class at the University of Texas in Austin with UT’s former chancellor and president, who is seven years my senior. I always tell him, Bill, I’m the expert on dating because I spent almost my whole adult life doing it. That said, from my perspective, Kelleher made all the sense in the world because they could hear what was important to me and act on it. 

We love the yin and yang of John and Ginger’s experience. He was so comfortable with dating that he could make Ginger comfortable on that first date.

Ginger: It’s true! Because I wasn’t [comfortable]. I’d gotten married to my college sweetheart, had kids, and then twenty-five years later found myself in foreign, single territory. So I didn’t do anything in the way of relationships for several years. I’m so conservative and couldn’t put myself out there. And then at fifty-three, I realized I needed help.

So before you throw in the towel on love, we encourage you to ask for help!

“Time is our most precious commodity. And these days so much of it gets wasted aimlessly looking for the one,” states Jill Kelleher, founder of Kelleher International. “In generations past, people didn’t move around like today. They usually stayed in the same hometown. And neighbors and relatives were the matchmakers. Who else better to match you than someone who knows you well?

Kelleher has stayed true to this old-fashion method of matchmaking for over 30-years. We meet each client personally and work towards each one’s specific criteria in finding their life mate. The better we get to know our clients the better our matchmaking. And while our clients are busy working and living their lives – we are busy working for them – to find their ideal match.”

If you’re ready to meet quality singles that align with your values and where you are in life, don’t think you have to do it alone.

Consider the possibility of a matchmaking service like Kelleher International. Or, if professional matchmaking isn’t in the budget, don’t be afraid to ask your friends to set you up with someone.

Whatever you decide, the best way to meet quality singles is to keep your vibration up with the expectation that your perfect person is on their way. Show up every day, willing to be the best version of yourself. Your match will soon be there to join the celebration that is your life.