Matchmaking Beyond Love

Matchmaking is an interesting and often misunderstood calling – so misunderstood in fact that the typical question is, “Why would I hire a matchmaker with so many dating websites and apps at my fingertips?”

We’re glad you asked.

As matchmakers, we do so much more than simply search for your romantic soulmate. And we don’t lean on algorithm-generated matches to get you there. We’re intelligent women with love, life, and business savvy. Beyond matching for love, when it makes sense, we match clients based on potential business connections, philanthropic desires, hobbies, and similar life histories.

Kelleher matchmaker Patty Russell explains, “When people come to Kelleher we set the stage for a journey not just to meet that special partner, but to learn new things about themselves and make some amazing connections in the process.”

In fact, one of Patty’s most important matches was for the love of family. “I worked with a client a few years ago on the East Coast. She shared with me that her teenage son had a rare condition doctors were unable to diagnosis up to that point. I matched her with a wonderful man connected with the Mayo Clinic. It was not a love connection, but they became friends, and he got her son in to see one of the top Mayo Clinic doctors who finally diagnosed her son’s condition. He is now a young adult on his way to recovery and living a normal life. My client was so very appreciative of my non-traditional matchmaking, and making that connection brought me so much joy.”

Kelleher Matchmaking founder Jill Kelleher tells us about one of her favorite unique matches, “Two of my clients dated for a bit and felt a connection, but it wasn’t romantic love they shared. Instead, it was a mutual love surrounding a cause. They stayed connected through philanthropy and eventually started a foundation together. Last year they raised over a billion dollars together for charity. That’s right, a billion dollars! So many people win every day because of this non-traditional match, and the duo attributes their success to Kelleher International. I love it!”

Through the matchmaking journey at Kelleher, clients create long-term friendships, some start businesses together or team up on philanthropic ventures. They also discover a better version of themselves along the way.

“Through our matchmaking and coaching process, you discover the areas of your life where you need to change various patterns keeping you from meeting that special one. Diving into self-examination is not an easy process. It is, however, a mandatory part of finding healthy, authentic connection on so many levels. The matchmaking experience is not just a love connection but a life connection,” Patty adds.

Once you get to a healthy place within, you’re poised for great experiences in love and collaboration. At this stage of the matchmaking process, it’s important to stay present and open. We attract what we put out, and when you’re in the flow, you’re a magnet for all of those things you want. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Director of matchmaking, Kimberly Colgate says, “Clients who insist each potential match meet their laundry list of criteria create so many roadblocks for themselves. I always encourage clients to be open to meeting anyone; we never know why people are presented in our lives. With our clients, I have witnessed a direct correlation between success and an “open to anything” mentality.

Jill Kelleher reflects on how unpredictable the journey can be, “Some years back when we officed in Sausalito a woman (I’ll call her Jane) came into my office as a prospective client. After getting to know Jane and what she was looking for I honestly explained to her that if she decided to become a client, I had only one person at the moment that I’d likely match her. I also added that I thought he might be the one. Jane was very skeptical, and with those odds, she almost left. But for some reason, she took a chance on me and became a member of Kelleher International. Jane went out with the gentlemen I chose for her but wasn’t sold he was her match. She went on to meet some wonderful gentlemen as a Kelleher client and made some incredible connections. Over the years Jane and the original gentlemen saw each other and kept their friendship alive. As her matchmaker, I’m honored to say that much later their friendship blossomed into love and then a wonderful celebration one gorgeous day last September. He was her match after all.”

Honestly, you just never know so don’t try to narrate your story.

Let go and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. “We connect people every day. And each of those matches has the potential to make such a huge impact on their lives. As a matchmaker, I always hope for endless love, but bringing two amazing people together enhancing their lives in other meaningful ways is a close second,” Kimberly laughs.

Do you have preconceived notions about matchmaking? Our team is here to clear up the mystery and help you meet your match. Ask us a question or leave a comment below.