Find Your Love Language for Better Relationships

Everyone understands the feeling of another person just not “getting it.” You might reside in the same city and speak the same language, but the meaning behind your words can often get lost in the emotion behind them. The key to communication is to get on the other person’s level and communicate in a way that matters to them.

Dr. Gary Chapman has developed a theory that there are five love languages that dominate most major relationships. These languages determine how much value you assign to caring gestures and can even help you learn how to get through to someone who “speaks” a different language. Take the test to find out what your love language is, and then read our descriptions below to learn more about how to improve your relationships!

1) Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation can include anything from verbally recognizing your partner for a job well done or writing a love letter for your partner to find. To someone who values words of affirmation, hearing the words, “I love you” is more important than a fancy dinner or lavish gifts. Similarly, unkind words said in the heat of the moment can cause irreparable damage.

2) Quality Time

The most valuable gift you can give to another person is your time because it is the one thing you can never get back. People who value quality time know how many responsibilities you have during the day, which is exactly what makes it such a powerful choice when you opt to spend a day with them instead. Make a conscious effort to schedule date nights and spontaneous afternoon picnics to please someone who values quality time. They just want you, and no other substitute will do.

3) Receiving Gifts

Gifts are an important part of relationships. Gifts don’t refer exclusively to presents of gemstones or wrist watches made with rich leather straps. This could refer to simple surprises, lavish parties or anything in between. It’s the thought behind the gift that makes it so meaningful. To please someone who values receiving gifts, try to think about what they enjoy and take the initiative to create that experience for them. A little thought goes a long way!

4) Acts of Service

Washing the dishes for your partner or going out of your way to make breakfast in the morning could mean more to your partner than you think. These small acts of service show that you are willing to go out of your way to make your partner comfortable, even if it means doing more work.

5) Physical Touch

The power of touch has been well-documented in various psychological studies. It’s one of the fastest ways to engage another person and make them feel an instant connection. This is a great way to build physical and emotional intimacy with your partner. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a touch can build an infinite amount of rapport with your partner.

Our matchmaking services try to determine your love language in advance to help decide who you would be most compatible with on a date, but it is still up to you to learn more about your partner’s love language. The more you know about yourself and your partner the easier it is to help grow and develop your relationship together. Contact a matchmaker today to learn more about building the perfect relationship.