5 Pieces of Relationship Advice from Real Grandmas

When it comes to relationship advice, there is no one who knows more than someone who is already married. Even better: relationship advice from someone who has been happily married for decades! This is why we turned to real-life grandmas for advice to pass on to clients of our matchmaking services. Decades of timeless knowledge about dating can’t be wrong. Sometimes the tried-and-true method is just better. Here’s what our sources recommend for a classic dating experience that will impress your date!

Win Your Date Over with Food

While BuzzFeed writer Kristen King’s grandmother won her husband over with a freshly baked apple pie, this tip really works for either gender. It’s not just about taking your date to a nice restaurant – it’s about putting thought and effort into creating a meal just for them. Think about the foods your date does (and doesn’t) like to create something they can really enjoy. Pick something you make really well to completely blow your date away!

Practice Chivalry

King’s grandmother fervently believes men should pay for the first date. After all, “if he asks you on a date, he should pay. When you get more comfortable you can split the bill or whatever.” Our matchmakers don’t recommend rigid rules regarding payment because everyone has different financial preferences, but most clients still prefer to be a little old fashioned – at least when it comes to the first date. It can’t hurt to play it safe in the name of tradition.

Discuss Important Topics In-Person

Charlee Dyroff, of lifestyle e-zine XOJane, says her grandmother was happily married for 59 years. Dyroff asked her grandmother what she would do if a man asked her on a date via text message and she replied that she would ask to meet that person for a beverage and make them ask her on a date face-to-face. Our matchmakers agree: if you really want to make a personal connection with someone, take your interactions offline. Make plans over the phone, but then have meaningful conversations in a setting where you can read your date’s body language and tone of voice.

Embrace Change

Relationships grow and evolve over time. According to Dyroff’s grandmother, “There are different kinds of love—when you first get married there is a big romantic passionate kind of love, and then there’s a different kind of love, almost a deeper love. Love is something you have to work on.” We have seen so many different couples find love at so many different phases of life, it is important to remember that love is for everyone – no matter where you are in life. Often love appears when you least expect it.

Keep Dates Classy

Comedy writer Tracey Soren dished her “Bubbie’s” relationship advice to the Huffington Post. Bubbie does not recommend “Netflix and Chill” as a viable date option. After all, our matchmakers arrange introductions between two people who don’t yet know each other. While both of you are pre-screened for compatibility, your dates are ultimately up to you – and you want to make a good first impression. Choose your favorite restaurant or a memorable activity you will both enjoy. Let your imagination run wild!

Our matchmakers have one last piece of advice for anyone looking to start a relationship: be yourself! We have carefully selected only the best matches for you so there is no reason to stand on ceremony during a date. Relax, let the conversation flow naturally, and enjoy your time together. Living in the moment is so underrated. You’ll be glad you took the opportunity to show someone your most genuine self.

Whether you are fresh onto the dating scene or have been searching for “the one” for a while, these tips will help snag the date of your dreams for the long run! Contact us today to find a love as timeless as your own grandmother’s relationship advice.