Are You Ready To Meet The One?

Hiring a matchmaker is a decision that entails buy-in on many levels. There is of course the willingness to get out there and start dating again, but the other part of the equation is your state of mind and asking yourself if you’re ready to commit to a person whole-heartedly. Are you ready to meet the one?

At Kelleher International, as we discover if matchmaking will be a good fit for you, we ascertain your readiness. “We need to know if you’re willing to be vulnerable and open to trying new things”, says Amber Kelleher-Andrews, co-CEO of Kelleher International Matchmaking Services. “We have a coaching team that can assist in getting you ready to meet the one if the need is there. This can be as simple as gentle reminders or something more rigorous that demands deep introspection.” 

“Some people just aren’t ready, and while they may not recognize this at the start of our conversations, by digging deeper and asking the important questions we come to realize this together. We set some clients on a coaching track to start, to make sure  they are ready to jump in with both feet.” says Jill Kelleher, Founder of Kelleher International

Among the necessary components to ensuring success, there is a level of honesty and adventure that need to be a part of the mix. After not being out there for a while, are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and allow the process to unfold naturally? We can get settled in our ways, so a willingness to stretch a bit and discover new parts of ourselves as a relationship unfolds is key.  

“Someone who pushes you to consider new activities or beliefs that expand your self-concept may be a partner with whom you can have a relationship that stays fresh for years.”  –Psychology Today

Another key ingredient in gauging your readiness to meet the one is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to have the understanding, compassion and empathy for their experience. We all want to feel safe in uncertain situations and it helps if the person sitting across from us listens well and is willing to put aside their own ego for a moment to hear someone they are truly interested in. 

Another important part of the equation is knowing who you’re looking for. Not necessarily down to the finest detail, but envisioning and manifesting the important qualities of that person gets us started down the path. Write this stuff down. It helps to organize your thoughts and desires and it helps in getting it out to the universe. Commit to it. Be Bold!

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you ~Goethe

The journey to love and finding the one is always different for each individual and at Kelleher International we tailor each membership to fit the individual. The things that you have agency over should be explored fully and implemented as you set off on this next exciting chapter. Don’t just dip your toes in, jump in and dive deep. Most of all, have fun!

We are here to assist you along every step of the way. Reach out today and let us do what we’ve been doing for 35 year. We transform lives through purposeful connection and love.

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