A Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Mothers put chocolates on their children’s pillows and sweet notes in their lunch boxes. Friends and family send heart emoji’s to each other sending love and good wishes. Everyone wants to get in on the greeting card, box of chocolate, dozen roses, day of love holiday. But if you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be tough to navigate. 

For some, being single on Valentine’s Day is simply a reminder that they don’t have that significant other. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways we can treat ourselves on Valentine’s Day to remind ourselves that our value doesn’t need to be tied to whether or not we are in a relationship. 

Self-care and shining that lovelight inward can be the best way to spend the day if you’re single.

Treat yourself to something special. Head to the spa, hit that trail you’ve been meaning to explore, go to the beach or on a shopping spree. A trinket from Cartier, Rolex or Tiffany’s will always lift your spirits! 

Make the day about celebrating with a loved one or a friend. Appreciate the bonds you share that aren’t romantic but still deeply rooted in love. Make the kids a special meal and put a great movie on. Reach out to a family member that you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up. Nurturing loving bonds comes in many forms.

If you’re tired of being alone and want to find that special someone, think about envisioning your future lover and take action.

Really make a concerted effort to put it out into the universe that you are ready for love. Take steps that will start you down this path. Goal oriented and realistic actions will set you on the path to finding the one.

Write down the things you are looking for in a partner. Be specific. Meditate on it. What is important to you? If you know yourself, you have a pretty good idea of who that person is already. Be realistic about what kind of person you can connect with. Lifestyle is big, but so are morals and values.  Do you want children in the future? Do you want to travel and be untethered? Pets? Seems silly but it’s not. Be specific about this stuff when envisioning your ideal partner. It is a powerful exercise. 

Don’t forget about you and what you have to offer. Write down the qualities you will be bringing to the relationship. This will put positive and focused energy into the universe and get Cupid working on your behalf.

Along with the inner work and self-care comes one of the most important steps of all. Take decisive action to attain your goals now.

That doesn’t mean dusting off the old dating app and giving it another go. We all know how fruitless and demeaning that can be. Every recent study has shown that swiping left and right generally leads to lower self-esteem, increased anxiety and a deeper sense of loneliness.

When you’re ready, reach out to us at Kelleher International. This is an empowering step that really gets the universe conspiring to help you find an ideal partner. We even have a coaching division that will help you prepare for the journey and assist you along the way. 

Our KI Social Club has events and get-togethers to get you out and mingling with like-minded successful singles.

We are a one stop shop for your love life. If you’re serious about making this the last Valentine’s Day you spend alone then reach out today and start on the most exciting journey of all!

Happy Valentine’s Day!