10 Holiday Gift Ideas for New Couples

Holiday gifts can be a tricky subject for many new couples. You might not know each other well enough to pick out a personalized gift, but you still want to impress your date with something thoughtful. While a matchmaking agency arranges introductions between compatible couples, it is still up to you to discover what kind of shared interests you have. Consider the types of dates your partner has suggested. Did they get really excited about a movie coming out or a new piece of technology that recently made its debut? Pick up on these cues and try to use them to your advantage. If you’re still stuck, our matchmakers have you covered with these unique holiday gift ideas that work for anyone:

North Ave Candles’ Banned Books Collection ($22)

Handmade soy candles are the perfect accessory for a cozy night in with your favorite book – or, in this case, banned book! Each candle pays homage to a famous book in history that has been banned or censored. Candles feature descriptions of when, where and why the story was banned so your date will learn something, too. Each 12 ounce jar has more than 70 hours of burn time.

Twist Decanter ($30)

Wine enthusiasts will love this twist decanter, which aerates wine twice: once when you pour it into the decanter and again when you pour the wine into glasses for family and friends. This decanter doubles as an art piece and features a brushed stainless steel base for stability. Available in 12.7 and 25 ounce options.

Recycled Glass Tree Globe Ornaments ($45)

Celebrate the holidays with these handmade tree ornaments created by Stephen Kitras. Each set is made from 100 percent recycled glass from car, home and office windows. These vibrant pieces are masterfully crafted to delight everyone – especially the eco-conscious date. If your relationship lasts, the tree then becomes symbolic of your growing love for each other.

iPad Stand ($48)

Technology lovers will enjoy a custom iPad stand created just for them. These natural wood stands work best for iPads, but can also double as recipe holders for use in the kitchen. Each iPad stand is powder coated to help it maintain its beautiful color for many years to come. Choose from five different colors to match your date’s unique style.

Donation to Your Date’s Favorite Charity ($50+)

If your date is particularly worldly or simply has everything their heart desires, a donation to a cause of their choice might be the best gift you could give this holiday season. Find out which cause your date supports and give to a group that gives directly to that purpose. Be sure to check Charity Navigator to verify the validity of the organization before you donate.

Dwarf Bare-Root Meyer Lemon Tree ($70)

Meyer lemons are typically sweeter and juicier than other lemons, which makes them particularly well-suited for the epicurean in your life. Williams-Sonoma recommends using these as a garnish in cocktails, tossing them into your favorite food, grating them over salads, or even eating them plain. These trees are grown in the USA and generally produce fruit in winter and summer. When your date isn’t tasting the delicious fruit, they can enjoy the delicate white flowers that bloom just before the fruit comes in. Note: agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to FL, TX and AZ.

Bodum Pebo Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker ($80)

The siphon coffee maker is enjoying a renaissance, of sorts. This brewing system is based on vapor pressure and vacuum, which makes for a fun science experiment to watch each morning. Each coffee maker brews up to eight cups, making this the perfect size for single use or for entertaining. The jug, globe and funnel are all made of glass, while the filter is a durable stainless steel. The unique stay-cool handle ensures the user’s comfort while pouring their morning cup o’ Joe. Each coffee maker is BPA-free and dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Concert Tickets ($100+)

Whether your date is into classical performances at the Met or raucous rock shows by their favorite pop-punk band, you can be sure this idea is a crowd pleaser! Be sure to purchase two tickets and have the performance schedule ready so your date can select a show they are particularly interested in.

Cooking Class for Two ($100 – $150)

This is a great gift idea because it combines quality time and learning a new skill together. The amazing meal you get to eat at the end is just a bonus! Research local cooking schools in your area to find one that suits you. Pair this gift with a cooking apron or specialty utensils you know your date does not already have. If you prefer to have a quiet night at home, this idea could easily translate to hiring a personal chef for the night so you and your date can spend more time together.

Couples’ Massage Package ($200+)

Surprise your sweetheart with a relaxing couple’s aromatherapy massage to help unwind after the holiday season. Pair this gift with artisanal goat’s milk soap, Himalayan sea salt for a relaxing bath and an irresistible scented soy candle.

What to Avoid:

We know it’s popular to give a date cute gifts with your names engraved together or displayed side-by-side, but we really urge couples to wait until the relationship has entered serious territory before opting into a gift like this. Placing two names together has a semblance of permanence that can actually push couples apart instead of bringing them together.

Similarly, annual subscriptions and long-term memberships should be reserved only for couples who have been together a year or more. You don’t want the subscription to last longer than the relationship!

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