The Top 3 Ways Men Can Keep A Relationship Intact Long-term

Maintaining a relationship is fairly easy when it is young and full of vitality. The real trick to lasting love is maintaining that relationship when it is no longer new and exciting. A long time ago, when societal beliefs kept divorce from being an option, most married couples accepted that they would be together for life and somehow just “made it work.”

Today, things are not so simple. Divorce is an acceptable and common occurrence in many relationships, yet most couples intend to try to make it work for a lifetime when they first get together. Here are some of the best things you can do for your special woman to give a long-term relationship a better chance for everlasting success:

Agree to Disagree, and Support Her Anyway

You won’t agree on everything all of the time. She has her own beliefs and opinions just as you have yours, so be supportive. If she feels like you are dismissing her opinions, she will feel disrespected and things will only go downhill from there. For unimportant things, such as movie preference or where to go to dinner, work as a couple to make sure both parties are happy. Perhaps she can pick the movie while you select the restaurant and, on the next date, you can switch roles. If something is more important, such as ideas on how to spend shared finances or raise the kids, discuss why each of you has the ideals you do and figure out a compromise for handling the situation. A relationship counselor can also be a beneficial unbiased party for both of you to confide in.

Always Woo Her

As relationships age, many couples tend to forget the little things that brought them together in the first place. Tell her frequently how much you love her, write love letters from time to time, open the door for her and hold her hand. These little gestures go a long way in sustaining a relationship through the busy nature of everyday life. She will likely take notice and reciprocate.

Be Open and Honest

Keep an open line of dialogue with your partner. It is easier to do this in the beginning of a relationship, but as time passes, many couples fall out of the habit of communicating. Then when a conflict arises, it escalates into a full-scale fight that unearths years of grievances and hurt. Some couples even have these major disputes years into a relationship and find out they are no longer compatible because they have lost touch with each other. Relationships require constant care and nurture. Don’t be afraid to be honest with her about everything all of the time and hold her accountable to do the same.

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