Setting the Mood

As Kelleher International matchmakers we coach clients on the importance of setting the mood and being in the moment. Of course, Valentine’s Day is one of those Hallmark holidays that can cause anxiety over perceived expectations. We think you deserve a stress-free date night with your new love or long-time partner, so we’ve got a fun and easy suggestion to sprinkle some spice into your Valentine’s Day connection.

Are you feeling pressure to step up your game but don’t have the bandwidth to plan a show-stopping date experience this week? Rather than taking your valentine out suggest a cozy date night in instead.

“If your relationship is due for a romantic evening, but you don’t have the time to make plans, I find that a few simple things can make a big difference,” says Kelleher International CEO, Amber Kelleher-Andrews.

“To set the stage for a special evening, it only takes a couple of small touches. Soft lighting and candles help in setting the mood. Invite interaction by creating a meal together or ordering in rather than stressing about doing all of the work yourself. Create a connection by sharing a small gift or a thoughtful act of service with your lover. And, one of the most creative ways to get the vibe right and embody a mood on date night is through the music you play.”  

Music is powerful in setting the mood so don’t leave your playlist to chance.

Before smartphones and music apps were the days of creating mixtapes. While we have fond memories of making mixtapes and burning playlists onto CD’s, Spotify does make it so much easier in setting the mood.

How do you want to feel? How do you want your partner to feel? Find your mood music ahead of time. You want your partner to walk into an experience.

Have fun and create your own clever playlist if you want to tell a specific story. If time is an endangered resource, don’t worry! You can borrow ours.

We kicked off the holiday of love by creating our own Spotify playlists with some of our favorite tunes – perfect for setting the mood before and during date night.

We talk a lot about the importance of pre-date rituals. Music is an excellent way to hit the reset button and get yourself primed for date night. It’s important to shed the work version of you and connect with your flirty side to conjure that romantic magnetism that helps in setting the mood.

Chaka Khan’s, “Ain’t Nobody” always gets me going and puts me in a fun dance mood while I’m getting ready, says Kelleher matchmaker, Patty Russell.

Kelleher’s Jessica Weale adds, “I have upbeat Spotify stations for getting ready and playlists by mood – from dance to chill to romantic. My playlists consistently evolve as I add new songs that I hear and like. I don’t have to worry about bad songs shuffling in and killing the mood.”

So, go ahead! Start setting the mood for your Valentine’s date right now.

Check out our Spotify playlists for setting the mood – whether you hope to be slow dancing in the kitchen or cutting a rug in the living room. What songs would you add? Share your favorites in the comments section below and together we’ll create the ultimate date night playlists.

We wish you luck finding your rhythm in love.