Relationship Coaching

We only know what we know. Seems obvious enough, but getting to the core of what this simple statement means gives us a great jumping off point for today’s blog on Relationship Coaching. If you are getting mired down in interpersonal relationships or spinning your wheels with your partner, there is a way to leverage what others know to take you to the next level in your relationships.

Here at Kelleher International we have a highly experienced and dedicated coaching staff to work with our members.

“Not only have we given our members tools that enlighten and assist on their journey with us, but they also take these tools with them beyond the Kelleher Matchmaking world. These sessions are helping our members in all corners of their lives”, says Sunya Andrews, who spearheads Kelleher Coaching.

We are finding that especially now more than ever these coaching sessions are invaluable. “We’ve started offering these sessions to all of our clients, and combined with Kelleher Virtual Date Space we are finding that our new members are really experiencing something unique.” Says Andrews.

Drastic times call for diligence in our commitment to ourselves and our process.

“During these unprecedented times when individuals are feeling more isolated, it’s key that we offer services and tools to break free of the loneliness and lack of connectedness that is so prevalent right now”, continues Sunya. “Our members are really working it right now and when we get back to a sense of normalcy over the next few months they are really looking forward to meeting the amazing people they’ve been meeting virtually. Some have even said that the anticipation makes it even more exciting!”

We have a huge opportunity to grow with the help of a coach.

Michael Jordan may have looked like he didn’t need a coach but the Chicago Bulls would not have won all those championships without their coach Phil Jackson. Same for Steph Curry and the Warriors championship runs. Without the steady hand and insights from their coach Steve Kerr they would not have been as successful. Forgive us for the basketball examples but we are definitely missing the NBA right now.

Our untapped potential for growth starts to get realized when we use a life coach. The same goes for our relationships. When we utilize relationship coaching the exponential growth of our joy in that space is realized. We only know what we know. It’s time to tap into the pool of resources that are offered through great coaching programs so that we can start learning new ways to be. Paradigm shifting and increased success are just two of the great outcomes of successful coaching. 

The Nuts and Bolts

You may be wondering what a relationship coach does that you can’t do yourself. For starters you will be making better dating decisions and changing the way you attract dates. Coaches help their clients look within themselves and discover the true essence of what they seek in dating relationships or in long-term partnerships. They will also help you increase your confidence when dating and help you work through past relationships.

All of these things and more are the benefits of using coaches, whether it’s in business, life or relationships. Getting the support and guidance through relationship coaching is perhaps the easiest pathway to happiness in dating and fulfilling relationships. 

Kelleher Coaching and it’s staff of certified and trained professional coaches is a fantastic and synergistic way to enhance your matchmaking journey.

And it really doesn’t stop there. You can take these tools with you and apply them to many areas of your life!

Connect with a member of the Kelleher International team today. Let us help you realize your best self.