Opening Up

Life is a journey chock-full of well-intentioned plans. We each set off on our personal adventure only to find twists and turns along the way – some devastating, some delightful. No matter how prepared we believe ourselves to be, the search for true love and commitment is riddled with these highs and lows. Matchmaker Ellen Shmunis found herself drawn to Kelleher Matchmaking due to her desire to help others navigate this personal pilgrimage.With a Masters in Counseling Psychology and an interest in working with couples, matchmaking was a perfect fit for Ellen, and something she never imagined for herself. Just as she asks her clients to do, Ellen took a leap of faith. “I get the opportunity to work with people, help them identify their obstacles in dating, and coach them to feel empowered within the dating process. Ultimately, I help my clients find love and happiness within themselves so they can confidently share their best self with those around them,” Ellen says.

“As a matchmaker, the biggest mistake I see clients make is staying stuck on their list of requirements and failing to open up to unimagined possibility,” she explains. “They’re missing out on meeting spectacular matches who might not meet all of their criteria, but offer something they don’t even know they need or want.”

Ellen’s advice? Open up to the process of matchmaking and the prospect of love not coordinating with your preconceived notions.

“We can’t construct from scratch a perfect match for each client based on their list of “must haves” – even if we could they might find something else at fault with that person. I tell my clients to trust the process and have a positive and open attitude. When clients can embrace that idea, they always have a great time on their dates regardless if they’re a perfect match or not.”

Ellen understands we all have deal breakers, but insists opening up our list of criteria is a game changer. “Your perfect person can come in a totally different package than you imagined. Put out what you want into the universe, be open to how it might show up, have a positive attitude, and delightfully watch the rest unfold.”

One of Ellen’s favorite Kelleher matches was between two very new clients. For the male, it was his first match. For the female, it was her second – and she thought the man to be a nice guy, but wasn’t feeling the chemistry. Instead of letting her call it off, her matchmaker shared her policy of always going on a second date in the event of uncertainty. These two clients are now married with a baby.

“The moral of this matchmaking story is to trust us, put yourself out there, and have fun! You never know what will happen,” Ellen muses.

Ellen’s favorite part of being a matchmaker is connecting two people who wouldn’t have ordinarily met on their own. “Empowering two people who are both looking for love to put themselves out there feels great. The possibility of them falling in love – that’s an extraordinary feeling I can’t get enough of!”

What about you? Are you ready to open up to the possibility of love? Our team of international matchmakers are gearing up for a new year full of hope and happy matches. Give us a call to learn about the Kelleher way and opportunities to join our client network.