Matchmakers Dish on NYC’s Biggest Dating Obstacles

New York City is saturated with single people, but unfortunately they are not all ready to mingle. In addition to an already imbalanced male-to-female ratio in NYC, today’s culture does not always promote lasting love. The problem is no longer finding someone – it’s about finding the right one. Our matchmakers have all the tools necessary to help locate that one perfect person in NYC who is on your level emotionally, physically and intellectually.

The Problem: Social Media

In the Age of the Internet, you can pretty much guarantee that your date has already looked you up online (or is about to in 3… 2… 1…). This seemingly innocent research actually prevents couples from forming connections organically. After all, it’s difficult to hear your date talk about things you have already seen online.

The Solution: Restraint

We know it’s difficult, but our matchmakers always caution potential daters to refrain from looking their dates up online. Learning too much in advance could stifle conversation or intimidate otherwise compatible partners. The goal is to see each date as nothing more than another person also looking for love.

The Problem: Technology Overload

Cell phones are the biggest dating no-no. We understand that work is important and your friends need to reach you, but responding to every request as it comes in basically screams to your date, “I am not in control of my own life.”

The Solution: Tech-Free Dinners

Take charge of your schedule. Let colleagues and clients know that you are unavailable between certain hours and don’t feel obligated to explain why. Focus instead on being present. Conversation with your date is the first priority and everything else can come later – during designated hours.

The Problem: Hook-Up Culture

Both men and women are subject to the rampant hook-up culture that has swept the city. We’ve all been there: you think you’ve found someone you really like and have a great conversation over drinks or dinner only to be met with the “full disclosure” conversation that your date somehow seems to think alleviates them of any and all emotional responsibility in the non-relationship. Who knew there were so many rules?

The Solution: Professional Matchmaking

The only way to combat being tricked into a date with the wrong one is to enlist some help. Our matchmakers pre-screen dates not only for compatibility, but also for their level of commitment. If someone is not ready for a real relationship, you will not be introduced. It’s that simple.

The Problem: Sensory Overload

The biggest problem we see amongst singles in NYC is that they think there is always someone better around the corner. We are so used to seeing successful models, businesspeople and politicians on a regular basis that it becomes sensory overload – we simply want them all for no reason other than they are around.

The Solution: Focus

While it’s true that NYC is filled with successful people, it is also true that very few of them are compatible with you. There are so many factors that have to be considered in a relationship: intelligence, ambition, religious and political beliefs, visions for the future…the list goes on.  Come up with just a few “must have” traits you want in a partner and stay laser focused on someone who meets those criteria.

The Problem: Work

With great success comes a great big work schedule. It’s admirable to aspire to greatness and achieve your full potential, but a truly successful life encompasses both professional and personal success. Fulfilling only one of those leaves you with an unbalanced life and dissatisfaction in the long run.

The Solution: Make a Commitment

Work is a lifestyle. It’s where you eat, network, support yourself, and achieve success. The other half of this equation is about committing to your own personal happiness, which, for many, includes a happy relationship. For your own sake, take out the earbuds, put down the phone and have a conversation with a stranger. This piece of life cannot fall into place unless you make a conscious commitment to seek it out.

Dating in New York City can be tricky, but with the right guidance and solutions, your next date could become a lasting relationship. Contact us today and take the first steps toward the satisfying relationship you desire.