Going on a second “first date”

First dates are always filled with anticipation, anxiety, expectations and lead to the all-important question – are you going on a second date?

The next time the answer is “no”, I’d like to pose a follow up question – “How about another first date?”

Everyone enters a first date anticipating that at the end of the night they’ll be able to answer a short set of questions…does he have enough ambition, is she hot enough, will he be great with kids, does she want to travel…on and on. Too many times, after a first date, if there aren’t enough checks in the “YES” column, then no second date is scheduled. There is a big difference between a lack of “YES” and a bunch of “NO”. The next time you’re not sure about scheduling a second date, ask yourself, “were they a ‘no’, or just not quite a ‘yes”. If the latter, give yourself a second shot at that first date screening and finish out your checklist.