Fathering is an Art

Being a great dad is one of the simplest and most difficult things at the same time. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding things to take on. Fathering is an art, a true labor of love and when one chooses to take that journey it is a lifelong commitment to another individual. 

We love dads! The lessons we take from them define us for the rest of our lives.

We really love great dads though. The ones that are strong, yet vulnerable. The ones that show up and stick around through thick and thin. The ones that have the patience to really take the time in the sticky situations to impart the lessons we need. The imperfect ones that know their flaws. The sweet ones. The tough ones. Well, what’s not to love about a great dad?

From every dad, we hear, that being one is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

From every child we hear that their dad is the greatest. So we tip our hats and raise our glasses to the ones through which life’s lessons learned we become better versions of ourselves.

Happy Father’s Day! And a poem to send us on our merry ways.

A Father’s Song by Gregory Orr

Yesterday, against admonishment,  
my daughter balanced on the couch back,  
fell and cut her mouth. 

Because I saw it happen I knew
she was not hurt, and yet
a child’s blood so red
it stops a father’s heart.

My daughter cried her tears;
I held some ice
against her lip.
That was the end of it.

Round and round: bow and kiss.
I try to teach her caution;
she tries to teach me risk.