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When the most successful people are looking for that special someone, many discover they’re not only too busy for casual mingling, but they also find difficulty in establishing motives of those they invite into their lives.

At Kelleher International, we understand these uncertainties, and this allows us to carefully screen potential candidates to ensure the only motives at play are simply to enjoy an evening out with the potential for a second date or at some point, even more.

Our elite matchmaking procedures assist you at every turn, providing assurance that our clients are of the same caliber as you. Educated, refined and successful in their own right, our clients all have the same goal in common: to find that special person through exclusive matchmaking with whom they can share positive and fulfilling experiences.

After all, it’s our job to take the frustration out of dating. We invite you to put our exquisite matchmaking skills to the test at Kelleher International.

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Exclusive Matchmaking Guidelines

What exactly constitutes Kelleher International’s exclusive matchmaking guidelines? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. We carefully screen our matches to make sure they are worldly, successful and upstanding. That way, we can make sure our matches are truly among society’s best to meet our elite clientele’s discriminating tastes. We believe you can benefit from this exclusive matchmaking approach and in fact, would love the opportunity to show you the difference our process makes.

We understand the downfalls of the dating climate as well as the importance of combining traditional matchmaking with the more contemporary views of today’s society. Our elite matchmaking clients, which include celebrities, entrepreneurs and top executives, place this faith in us based solely on our proven track record. Furthermore, our testimonials speak loud and clear of our skills. Shouldn’t today be the day you discover what so many already know?

Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Co-CEO & Jill Kelleher, Founder

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