Deepen Your Connections

Social distancing can deepen your connections. Or weaken them. It’s really up to you.

Self-quarantine means forced proximity for live-in couples and families. 

“The uncertainty surrounding the current global health crisis is causing deep anxiety. That, coupled with the unexpected forced proximity for those living under the same roof compounds things, explains Amber Kelleher-Andres, CEO of Kelleher International. “How you feel and move through the situation means everything because it affects everyone around you. Don’t let self-quarantine drive a wedge in your relationships.”

The Kelleher International matchmaking team suggests ideas to help you handle the closeness of quarantine like a relationship expert.

Keep the peace and deepen your connections during the closeness – and isolation – of self-quarantine. 

Maintain Some Semblance of Routine

The sudden isolation, coupled with the abandonment of internal structure, can cause heightened anxiety and tension in the household. Communicate what you’d like to accomplish each day and ask your partner (and family) to do the same. These daily shares help everyone respect boundaries and offer support.

Stay Calm By Breathing Together

The breath is our best tool for managing stress. Breathing together with your partner or family in silent meditation can also deepen your connections. Adding a group meditation to your morning can set your day up for success.

Tackle Projects Together

It’s conveniently spring cleaning time, and we now have that extra hour of sunshine back. Take advantage of the opportunity to deepen your connection – clear out, freshen up, or build something together.

Talk About Real Stuff

We’re in strange times. And it’s so helpful to talk about meaningful things. Create the space to discuss fears, ideas, and hopes for the future. Make it an activity if sitting and having a “heavy” conversation is too difficult. Work on a puzzle while you chat. It helps by not forcing too much eye contact. Or create vision boards – thumbing through piles of magazines as you talk.

Gratitude and Communication Will Deepen Your Connections

Elevate acts of kindness and gratitude during times of forced proximity. Don’t take advantage of the fact that you’re “stuck at home” by being extra-lazy. Be mindful you don’t amplify those bad habits. Instead, actively work to be a model housemate – for everyone’s sanity.

If you notice your partner needs some quiet time, happily enjoy some me-time as well. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and encourage your partner to do the same. You’re humans, not mind readers. And who knows how long you’ll both be working from home?

Reminisce and Deepen Your Connection 

Taking a walk down memory lane can help lighten the mood when the walls are closing in on you. Deepen your connection by reflecting on your journey together while you cook dinner as a couple. And make it a game to try to learn something new about each other every day. Asking great questions is the key to discovery. And that curiosity keeps the spark alive.

And just because you’re trapped at home doesn’t mean you’re shut out from the rest of the world. Many fitness instructors, community groups, and the like are live-streaming their classes. Pay a small community donation to support them and stay energized. Support your local service industry by ordering in from your favorite restaurants and recreate date night at home.

Allow the forced proximity to deepen your connections and refresh the romantic relationship in your life. 

And if you’re still looking for the one, don’t think you have to slam the brakes on dating. The coronavirus forces people to slow down and get to know one another. 

“These times provide an excellent opportunity to slow down the work pace, so that you may finally put yourself and your love life as the priority,” explains Amber. “Our clients are meeting over Skype, breaking bread, and enjoying a nice bottle of wine. It’s a clever way to go on a date without leaving the safety of your home.”

So, give us a call to explore matchmaking at it’s best, and let’s uncork a celebratory bottle of wine to toast you finding love.